The Mom Community

My friend Christy lives in Atlanta (along with her husband and three sons). Through her involvement with another ministry there, she became aware of the need for a stable home and influence for young moms or moms-to-be who had little-to-no support.

I think many of us don’t even know how much of a support group we have been blessed with. Yes, we know it, but it’s easy to take for granted. We don’t realize how many people don’t have it.

The Mom Community has been developed to help address the need Christy sees around here. If you are interested in knowing more about them, check out the website The Mom Community.


The are raising funds for the renovations of a house. They have had 2 matching grants. The current one is for $25,000. Any donations in July will be matched, up to $25,000! You can donate at this LINK. You can also click on the donate button on their website. There are other opportunities for donations (minivan, furniture, etc) needed in the future. I know anything you are able to give would be a blessing to them!


[all photos from The Mom Community]