Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

This week summer weather hit. We had gorgeous weather in April and into May. This week the temps hit the mid-90s. It’s officially time for me to switch from hot drinks to cold. I love the combination of strawberry and lemon. My friend Christine sells strawberry lemonade cupcakes at the market that are so good!

How about a strawberry lemonade drink that’s relatively healthy?

Here is a tip for smoothies… freeze your fruit, if it’s freezable kind. Freeze fresh squeezed lemon juice in an ice tray, for easy-to-use small servings.

Each compartment holds about a third of a lemon.

I find that the strawberries blend better if you let them partially thaw in water just a little.

If you are only making enough for one, and you have an old fashioned ($.99 garage sale deal) blender like mine, you can use a small mouth pint jar.

Add your ice, frozen fruit, yogurt, sweetener & lemon juice leaving some breathing room in the top. Blenderize until real smoothie … er… smooth. I wouldn’t use a closed container with this with anything that could have a chemical reaction since air cannot escape.

I use this stevia that comes from Bolivia, that I purchase all the way from the Amazon (the, that is. 🙂 ). Stevia from Bolivia sounds like a person, doesn’t it. Maybe it’s the lady in the photo. Stevia is grown in South America and has been used there for years. This is the best no-aftertaste stuff I’ve tasted. Like pure stevia, it is concentrated and only requires about 1/4 tsp or so.


Here you go:


6 thoughts on “Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie

  1. Janice Wittmer

    Can you send me an Amazon link for the kind of Stevia you buy? I haven’t been able to handle the after taste of Stevia, but this sounds like something I should try. 🙂

  2. Denese Pipe

    Oh yummm I’m going to try this for sure, as soon as I order the Stevia, and it’s Keto friendly. Thank you! Denese

  3. Tanya

    I love that Bolivia stevia! When I know someone who is going to Bolivia, I ask them to bring me some back. Its so cheap there! You can also look up stevia from Bolivia online and order it that way. This recipe sounds wonderful! Thanks! =)

    1. Marylou Hershberger

      I can imagine it would be much cheaper directly from there. I don’t know of anyone going to/coming from there, though. 🙂

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