4 thoughts on “Scenes from the day – Thursday November 22, 2007

  1. Looks really strange to see such a short table.  We missed being there.  I guess no one took you up on your suggestion to eat out, huh?  I’m thinking of y’all about now, when you’re prob’ly painting.  Don’t have too much fun!  haha

  2. Thanksgivings with families are so wonderful… I love the table too – so beautifully decorated! Next comes the Christmas decor… I can’t wait to do that!! I’ve been helping my mom with hers and it’s ever so fun!!

  3.    Hello Beautiful!  =)  I hope you had a good thanksgiving?  So nice when your family can be together!  I noticed you got a new profile picture.  I do like it a lot.  I just wanted to stop in and say that I miss you!  I think of ya’ll almost every day and it makes me sad that I can’t call you up whenever I need to and tell you to go out for lunch! =(  I hope things are going good for you.  I trust you’ll keep me updated if anything interesting happens?!?  =)  I’m planning to come down for Melvin & Tonya’s wedding but that’ll probably be the first time I’ll be back.  Until then – happy trails and I do hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

                                                             Love, me.

    PS – Gin told me the pop-up story.  DIED laughing.

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