Progress – Sunday November 25, 2007

 “Color,” Ginny said, “I want to see some color.” Well, it is there now. We’ve had mostly favorable responses to the kitchen color and no psych evaluation mutterings yet.  A cup of coffee and a long stare at the walls will jolt anyone awake, we decided.

Looking from the dining area into the living room last Saturday:

Picture 080


The same view yesterday:

 Picture 094b

It’s hard to capture the true color in a photo. Even the different lighting throughout the day gives it a different look. It’s mostly a shade of orange and the living room is green. You have to see it to really appreciate it! Or not.

All the walls have a top coat and will get a final coat later. Now it’s trim and doors to work on.

We had good help over the past couple of days and we were quite tired by evening.

Picture 093b

Picture 084b


16 thoughts on “Progress – Sunday November 25, 2007

  1. Lovely home!  Bright and cheery. Orange is a great color for a diningroom.  (Fun Fact!)  Did you know Orange is a color that stimulates an appetite?  That is why Howard Johnson chose blue and orange! 

  2. Lovely. For you. Honestly, I like it but can you see my orange hair in this room??? =) Just kidding. Actually it looks very warm and inviting. ^^^hmmm, I wonder what color might be an appetite suppressant?

  3. So you did go with those colors.  Lois showed us the samples when we were down there last month.  Everyone has different tastes.   Just think how boring the world would be if everyone liked the same thing.

  4. Oh, I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I just wish I could come soon to sit for a cup of coffee and good discussion (Christy tells me I would just lOVE getting to know you for real).  And don’t worry.  I’m really good at sitting on empty buckets.

  5. It was fun stopping in and seeing your house and that orange wall in person…and it is orange! But it goes beautifully with the green and once you get your cabinets in and furniture and the large painting that you said matches the orange…I think the end result will be stunning. Two thumbs up, girl!!

  6. Now, I’m wondering what your ma and pa think of that color?  πŸ˜‰  That’s definitely a shocker coming in from that cool green color!  Are you having white cabinets?  That would really look nice against that orange.  I like the archway, too!

  7. Hey that’s a great color … and by the way, I just found out you are Robin’s sister – your brother John Henry and I used to be good buddies but I never seem to be able to catch up with him anymore. I’ll message you with more questions.

  8. I agree with karm48: “I see Lois!!” Tell her ‘hi’ and that I miss her like crazy! Thanks for updating us with pictures of your house… I love the color of the kitchen…and I know y’all will have it looking mighty spiffy! I like bright and cheery kitchens. Carolyn  

  9. Hey there!! Thanks for the post! Sorry I’m just getting back to you! I’ve had few and far between times, of getting on the computer these days! Things are going really great! We have a sweet, good baby!!! BTW….Your house looks great!! What Fun!! See Ya! MJ

  10. ML.. you have no idea how many times I thought of you this week end! πŸ™‚ (good thoughts) I just coveted your ability to take pictures. So many gorgeous sights and I don’t really have the knack or maybe I should say patience! Maybe next time I could hire you to go along and be photographer….. then we would end up with 1 pic of all of us and some of me not taken by a 7 yr old. πŸ™‚ The old duffer at the  lighthouse tried to get a family pic for me, but managed to just turn the camera off! The beach was always empty of people, so no luck there.   I still have Jekyl and St Simons on my list of coastal places to go yet. I may just have to come see Ginny one weekend and go, I can’t get Jesse interested!

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