Question of the Day – Thursday November 6, 2008

The discussion on photography going on here and a comment that Judith made is not really related to this question but it did make me think of it again.


Who am I (or any other person), really? Is it how I feel about myself inside, or how other people perceive me to be based on what I say/how I act?


8 thoughts on “Question of the Day – Thursday November 6, 2008

  1. That question is huge for me. It’s been an ongoing struggle for me to NOT base who I am on either of those things. And too often how I feel inside is based on how I think other people are perceiving me. That is a very unsettled way to live. I rejoice that I am finding more and more freedom as I go to God and ask Him the question…sounds easy, but unfortunately, it’s not , at least for me.

  2. Although our perception of ourselves may be good, it is not always correct. Neither is other peoples view of us. What really matters is that we see ourselves and others through God’s eyes. I’m learning, slowly but surely, that God loves ME. Just plain ol’ little ol’ me. Just like I am. And that is the best, most freeing feeling in the world! Thanks for the brain stretching question! πŸ™‚

  3. @twofus_1 – I really do like that book. πŸ™‚

    @livingwater4me – Thanks for your honesty! And I think to a certain extent we all are there at some time or another. Because of that (base our value on what others think of us) we tend do things or react a certain way because we think people expect us too.

    @loveroffall – I really like your third sentence!! That hits the nail on the head. I think the more we see our value not because of status or accomplishments but simply because we are sons and daughters of the king it frees us up to be simply that. But it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I had a life-changing experience of picturing who I am in God’s eyes. And you’re right … it is incredibly freeing.

  4. I am feeling pulled to comment but don’t want to.  So I’ll quickly say it and move on before I have too much time to think. I’ve become really aware recently that I have spent most of my life (although unconsciously)being what I thought someone wanted me to be in any given situation. I would become what I needed to,to feel like I fit in. The worst thing is that its harder to change that habit than to keep living the way I always have.  Big hurdle for me!!! The Max Lucado books for kids have been a huge reminder to me of who I really am and how I view my world and God.  Learning that I am who God wants me to be…..even with all of my flaws. 

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