Of Expectations and Meeting Them – Wednesday November 5, 2008

This past weekend was our fourth annual church campout. It’s the second year at this particular campground. There are definitely pros and cons to the facilities. The cabins are rustic. Basically bunks and lockers. No insulation whatsoever. The bathrooms are far from homey or cozy. But the dining hall is well equipped for a group of 100 and the location of the group camp is isolated. The children had great fun riding bike all over the place. The men, if they weren’t eating, were playing football. Except for the break they took for volleyball.  A little exaggeration there but they did play lots of football.

You know, sometimes when we have expectations of something and the occasion does not meet up to them, it leaves a person a little disheartened. Last year we had a lovely time and I was hoping this year would be great as well. It really was!!! The weather was beautiful and not quite as cold as last year. Everyone there seemed to really enjoy themselves. The food was great. And all that good stuff. For those of you who weren’t there, I did think of you and wish you could’ve been there as well!!! Just because we had a great time doesn’t mean you weren’t missed.

There’s something about being in a setting like that that helps you get to know people in a different way. Sitting around a campfire having discussions of all different kinds, enjoying talent night that was filled with humor as well as touching moments all have ways of making life more precious.

I have a very few pics to post here and I will sometime soon post a slideshow. I was inspired on the way home last Sunday evening to try something creative with them and it’s taking me a bit of time to put it together. Plus, we have a bakesale ahead this weekend. Seems we are raising funds for our very own gym. Seems almost too good to be true.

God bless!

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