Photo Challenge – Day 28 – Tuesday May 26, 2009

We’ve had unbelievably overcast weather the last week or so. Rain showers come and go quickly. It began to feel like we lived in some tropical land at rainy season. As of now, it’s been about 68 hours since it rained at our house, even though it rained in town and within a few miles of us yesterday. We aren’t used to not seeing the sun. It probably shines 340 days of the year here. I drove around the lake yesterday and there were many, many people out enjoying the holiday plus sunny weather.

day 28a

day 28b

day 28c

Stopped in a few minutes at my parents place to see what they had blooming right now. Two of the numerous species:

day 28d

day 28e

2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 28 – Tuesday May 26, 2009

  1. Funny–I was going to say the same thing as longabergermomof3!  We have lots of buds, but none blooming yet–I can’t wait, either!

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