Photo Challenge – Day 27 – Sunday May 24, 2009

We had  been talking all week of maybe running to a plant farm nearby to get some plants for our place. Lois got the notion to see if Sonya wanted to go with us. She called her and they were planning to leave soon for a nursery out a different direction. So, after hearing that this was a pretty good-sized place, they decided to come with us instead. Well, actually, we rode with them in their van which was pulling a trailer.

And o my word! Were there ever plants there!! There must be plants in the millions. There are 32 greenhouses that are 150 feet long. Not all of them were full and a few were completely empty but it was a study in discipline to not buy every pretty plant we liked. Here are a few of the pretties we saw:

day 27a

day 27b

day 27c

day 27d

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