Photo Challenge – Day 10 – Friday April 24, 2009

Officially 1/3 of the way through this challenge and I have a special treat for you. Since you loved the frog, here is a squirrel.

 day 10d














day 10c

Okay, I’ll let you have some normal color shots. This little buggar lives above/around my office and has even been inside, although not recently. I can hear him in the attic above my desk at times. Otherwise, he’s busy scrambling around collecting pecans and uttering threats to me for not letting him in the office anymore. Seriously, he cut the network cable running up through the ceiling and over to the boss’ computer (yeah, I know, rather redneck operation… we’re wireless now) and then opened a hole up big enough for him to get through. I think I had posted about this several years ago.

day 10e

I was actually quite suprised to get these since he is usually skittish if he sees any movement inside the office. These were taken through the window by my desk, using my (sorry) telephoto lens (Sigma 100-300).

day 10f

day 10g

And a few weeds that bloom in the morning and are closed up by evening. Aren’t they pretty?

day 10

day 10b

9 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 10 – Friday April 24, 2009

  1. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw the first part of your post.  I was like, “I can’t believe she’s doing this to me again!”   Cute little squirrel.  Bet you laugh at him as often as you get mad at him!

  2. Your ‘weeds’ are Spiderwort, a perennial that is native to the eastern states.  They are beautiful.  When we lived in Ches., I had planted some next to the house, and one day when I went out to enjoy them, they were laying over in a pile.  The moles or voles had eaten off the roots and stems out from under them.  They are a weed, but they have been cultivated and many people pay money to have them in their gardens.

  3. With your lovely and varied collection of flower pix don’t miss adding Virginia bluebells to your collection if you have an opportunity. Sunday, April 12th, they were thick abloom (beautiful!) in the Appomattox River bottom along Chinquapin Road, leading up to cmbroadh2o’s home. Unfortunately, we failed to get pictures, and I fear they’ll be past flowering when we go there this coming Sunday.   L

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