Birding – Friday April 24, 2009

Several of you have asked about the first bird on day 8. From what I can tell from pictures it looks like an Eastern Kingbird. If you like birds or have children that might needs some extra learning to do πŸ™‚ check out this website: All About Birds

You can do a search a particular bird, and find out interesting facts, including their “typical voice” sound. Make sure you check out the Barred Owl. We have those around here and it sounds downright spooky at night. This is All About Birds’ description of their call: A large owl of extensive woodlands, the Barred Owl is familiar for its distinctive “who-cooks-for-you, who-cooks-for-you-all” hooting.

And the Red-Winged Blackbird call that they have is one “syllable” short of the sound the ones around make. Interesting.

One thought on “Birding – Friday April 24, 2009

  1. We have a “who-cooks-for-you” pair that sit in the walnut tree outside our bedroom and hoot to each other.  Used to bother me (spooky), but now I kinda like it.  I wish I could get them on camera, but they’re usually hooting at midnight and I don’t want pictures that badly. πŸ˜€

    Your middle pic, the mockingbird, is one of my favorites to listen to.  I just love their litany when they sit on our chimney; the sound comes right down into the living room.  Fascinating how they learn all their sounds…

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