Part 11 – Poland & Friends

The final leg of our trip was Poland. Adding it on to our trip added little cost compared to what it would cost to fly from US to Poland. It is with the EU so the flight from Ireland to Poland was considered a domestic flight. Our flights cost about $1100 US. We flew into Glasgow, Scotland. A few weeks later we had a flight from Dublin, Ireland to Warsaw, Poland, and then from Warsaw back to the states.

Our purpose in going to Poland was to spend time with friends. Sightseeing was on the list but not the priority. It was a great way to end the trip. We stayed with Laverne, Lolita and family. Lita grew up in the same church that I did until I was 10. I’m a few years older so though I haven’t seen her much in the last 30 years, it only took 2 minutes to see she is a “kindred spirit” as Anne of GG would say.

They welcomed us with open arms and we made ourselves at home. 🙂 Totally!

Carolyn stayed across the road with Anita. I’ve kinda “known” Anita through the blogging world so it was delightful to actually meet her in real life. The other teachers, Matt (a cousin – 3rd?) and Maria made us feel welcome as well.

Poland 102

I guess I only got a picture of their whole family when they were singing. They sing beautifully! Their daughters did a “What a Wonderful World” puppet song a la Louis Armstrong and we four travelers did a skit based on our travel experiences, greatly exaggerating everything. 🙂

We made supper for them one evening, a Mexican style meal, with Fiesta Lime Chicken, rice, re-fried beans, etc. I was grateful for Anita’s help at the grocery store. Otherwise, there’s no telling what we might’ve ended up eating. After all, the picture on the box doesn’t guarantee that’s what’s inside. It may be an ingredient for the final product. I can’t remember who this story happened to, but we know of someone who emigrated to the US years ago. They were delighted to find a can of fried chicken on the shelf. Imagine their shock and disappointment when they found shortening instead!!

Another evening we singles were together and solved the world’s problems. Imagine that!!

Poland 125

Poland 123

Poland 121

Backing up a little … when we flew into Warsaw, Lita braved the city driving and came to pick us up. She did well and we only had to circle the block maybe once?

We started with lunch at the Gessler Restaurant. It was a unique experience!!! I wish I had pictures of the open kitchen. Here are  few pictures.

Poland 002

Most of us ordered the special, which gave a bigger variety of Polish flavors. We started with a horseradish soup ^that was very tasty!!

Poland 010

The restaurant itself is unique because it had been an apartment building and they opened some of it up and turned it into a restaurant.

Poland 006

In looking for information on it online, I’m not seeing much. In fact, on trip advisor, from several different contributors, I’m seeing that it either moved or closed. Bummer.

Poland 005

We went to Piłsudski Square, the largest city square and a good place to stretch the legs while experiencing Warsaw.

Poland 026

Poland 025

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Poland 012

And beautiful gardens …

Poland 017

Poland 019

Poland 020

Poland 021

One of the days, Anita, Carolyn, Ruby & I took the train back into Warsaw for a closer look.

I joked that we ate our way around Warsaw. It was kind of true!!

We started out at E. Wedel, a place with chocolate, chocolate and chocolate.

Poland 030

We discussed many issues including singleness (is that a word?). And I we daintily sipped chocolate drinks that were exquisite. Think candy bar/hot chocolate drink in an elegant setting. There were many different combinations and this, I believe, was a chocolate caramel variety.

Poland 027 bb

We ate a Polish meal later in a touristy area.

Poland 056


Poland 058

We stopped for dessert late afternoon in a coffee shop. I totally forgot to get pictures there.

Poland 077

Poland 072

It was  a bit of a rainy day, which was good because there were fewer tourists around. It was also bad because we had to dodge showers and outside vendors were closed down.

Poland 070

Poland 069

The flowers were gorgeous!

Poland 061 Poland 054

Poland 052

The architecture beautiful!

Poland 089

Apartment buildings nestled in a corner of the city.

Poland 049 Poland 048

Poland 045

The presidential palace:

Poland 043

Poland 041

Poland 040

Poland was gearing up to host the Europe Cup the week after we were there, so there was some activity and excitement in the city. I believe it was the first time Poland has ever hosted it which made it an even bigger deal for them!

Poland 031

At some point we trained past the stadium.

Poland 050

Poland 001

More of Poland coming soon!

6 thoughts on “Part 11 – Poland & Friends

  1. Poland is so PRETTY! I’ve never been there, and imagine it to be all shades of grey, and not even pretty. But wow, the architecture is amazing! And all kinds of stunning buildings and colors. Your trip seems like the experience of a lifetime! So neat you could do all of that!

    1. Marylou

      It was different than I was expecting too. I think the country and its people are resilient … survivors.

  2. The food pictures almost make me drool on the keyboard. Thanks for sharing this part of your trip. Unreal that it happened almost two years ago, eh?

    1. Marylou

      I know! It’s taken me so long to get this done! And the pierogies! I would love to have some again! And the chocolate drink!!

  3. saraha

    Hey cousin, I stumbled upon your page, and how fun to discover it!! Poland is a very lovely country with amazing history, and delightful people! I am proud to be married to a wonderful Polish man!!

    1. Marylou Hershberger

      Hi, Sarah! I feel like we just scratched the surface on Poland! It would be lovely to go visit again. 🙂

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