More Lake HDR

Another summer evening rain. As Murphy’s Law would have it, as soon as I arrived at the lake, it started sprinkling. If you see any spots on this photo, it’s the sun glinting off the raindrops.

hdr lake 10.jpg


I have many shots of these cypress trees. It is always hard to make them standout from the green background behind them. And now it appears that the county must have sprayed the weeds since they were dying along edge. I guess that just adds another color to the pic.

hdr lake 8.jpg

This next one is one of my favorite HDRs. I’m not often at the right place at the right time to get the sun coming out from the clouds quite like this. It was taken behind our church. I was able to get 5 shots to combine into one. The only thing I wish you could see more off is the pond beyond the gate.

hdr lake 9.jpg

If you’re tired of HDR, raise your hand! I see your hand in the back there. I will try to abstain from posting any for a while.

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