Bird Calligraphy – Wednesday September 1, 2010

 Bet you did not know this. I didn’t even know this until last week.

But birds know how to do calligraphy. Way better than me. I kid you not.

This was on the windshield of my car last week when I got in to leave from work.

bird 1.jpg

Seriously, I’d like to have that font.

They also are good at abstract art. I kid you not about this as well.

It was on the other side of the canvas windshield:

bird 2.jpg

I can’t really tell what story they’re trying to write.

bird 3.jpg

But then I’ve never been good a deciphering abstracts. Give me cold hard facts.

Speaking of birds, there are just enough plants scattered in my carport that I could hide behind and play paparazzi and take pictures of birds enjoying the bath.

 bird bath 2.jpg

bird bath.jpg

bird bath 3.jpg

7 thoughts on “Bird Calligraphy – Wednesday September 1, 2010

  1. Don’t you hate it when there’s lumps in your ink?!  He did get the first letter of his name down pat, though.  You are beginning to sound like the folks who study the grounds at the bottom of their coffee cups to see what their future is.

  2. That is really funny! maybe i should look closer to see what font the local birds use before i exasperatingly (new word here) take it off of my windshield. Can’t wait till y’all come this weekend…..

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