Happy New Year – Wednesday December 31, 2008

Where has 2008 gone?? Hopefully not down the drain!!  Anyway, I’m not going to spend much time talking about the year. Just thought I’d share some of my favorite scenic pictures of 2008. I know you’ve seen them all before so just skip this part if you want.


crocus 1


dogwood 2


tea 2 morning light 2

 snowy dogwood

magnolia trust

 Foggy Morning 2

Foggy Morning 1

lake 061


jekyll 7

sunset 2

sunset 6

day 3u

day 3x

day 4k

day 4o

day 4q


day 5a

day 5o

day 6f

day 6g


sunset 16

pic 206

hdr 5_3_1_4_2

pic 071b



Talk to you in 2009.


Keep tuned for upcoming posts:
1. Christmas in GA with the Hershbergers.
2. Contest to win a 2009 calendar.






3 thoughts on “Happy New Year – Wednesday December 31, 2008

  1. Loved seeing all your pics again–you have real talent, and I’m glad you could put it to use for us this past weekend!  I didn’t ask Beth–did you give her prices on the pics?  If not, let us know!  Can’t wait to see the upcoming posts!  (We got home this evening around 7:45–with a very windy day pushing against us all the way home!)

  2. Gorgeous photography!  Thanks for stopping by my site ~ you are welcome anytime.  I share your enjoyment of taking lots of pics!

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