Free Calendar – Saturday January 3, 2009

Well, I was going to post the family Christmas pictures first but since that is not anywhere near ready and January is marching on so I will quickly put this up. Maybe everyone is home again and getting settle since the holidays.

Since the new year is a time for reflection, leave a comment stating 1. something you were blessed with in 2008 or 2. something you are looking forward to in 2009, or 3. something else down that line.

I will do a random drawing on January 8 and one commenter will get a free calendar. It has 12 full color pictures, most, if not all, have been on my site within the last 2 years. For you locals, it’s the same as our church calendar without the birthdays. Just thought I’d warn you in case you don’t want another one.

Soo…. leave a comment between now and midnight on January 7 to be entered into the drawing.

God bless!!


23 thoughts on “Free Calendar – Saturday January 3, 2009

  1. A blessing for the past year was realizing how many friends we have and how they were their for us when we needed someone to care.  My prayer is that I can be there for them when they need someone.

  2. I’ll get in on that!  I was just looking at the pictures on your last post and wishing I could get my hands on some of them! 🙂

    A blessing from 2008:  God’s guiding hand in small and big choices in my life.  Looking back, it seems so often He just picked me up and carried me and performed His will in my life when I was lost and without an answer, because He knew my heart wanted His will.  What a faithful God have I!

  3. I have been so thankful in the past few months for our Bodies. As i have been sick and when you have a Healthy body, you take it for granted. We are fearfuly and wonderfully made. Also, so thankful for my 3 children. I have had several friends this past year, that lost a child. It makes you stop and give them a hug, even when your busy. We have this moment lets not waste it carelessly. I love your pictures you take and it would be a joy to have that on my wall. Have a blessed day.

  4. Didn’t you know that you’ll have all the mennonites flocking over here if your title says, “free.” 🙂

    My blessing from 2008 would be caring friends, ones that ask and then listen. Ones that when they ask, want a true, honest answer. In 2009, I want to be that kind of friend!

  5. We got our house finished and moved into it in 2008……BIG blessing to have that behind us!! I missed your entry deadline last time, do I get two entries this time??????

  6. Some of the most memorable events in 2008 was each of the four times I found out I’d passed a fundamental math course and then when I realized I’d passed Modeling Algebra. Every time I think of the latter, I want to get charasmatic all over again!

  7. A blessing in my life last year was the addition of two babies to our family (nephews for me). One by birth and one by adoption. They are equally dear to me along with my three nieces and one more nephew.

    I am looking forward to a trip to Haiti next month to visit a dear friend (and her husband) who started a Children’s Home, and now has 10 children. Can’t wait to hang out with all those lil munchkins!

  8. Looking forward to spending more time with my wonderful family. I am so thankful for the blessing of a godly heritage and my greatest desire is to pass that on to my children. To know Christ as Lord, Faithful Friend, my Help in trouble.

    That calendar would look awesome on my walls.

  9. You are so creative!!  Neat way to get people to stop in AND leave a comment!  

    Best gift in 2008…our precious girlie Elyse Mary!

    Looking forward to in 2009…becoming more organized and having a more structured lifestyle!!

  10. Reading Voice of the Martyrs, FEBC, and various other publications about ministries in the Far East gives me cause for thankfulness for religious freedom…and a challenge to be more bold in the gospel.  I’m also thankful to the Lord for the mercy of good health…and that Adrian seems to be outgrowing his asthma issues, yippee!

  11. Thankful that in the midst of change in what seems like every area…God still RULES and is FAITHFUL!

    Btw…you are an inspiration for all of us to see the beauty in everyday life, thank you for sharing your pictures!

  12. This past summer we were blessed to be able to visit our friends and family in America. Thanks to our awesome team of supporters! In 2009 I’m looking foward to serving Him another year in Mongolia, I really do consider this a privilege.

  13. Ooooh, maybe I’ll make the deadline by the skin of my teeth!!  I was thinking a couple times today, “oh I need to comment on M.Lou’s site” and now I’m running outta time…..!! 

    The best gift of 2008 – our second girlie, third child, Gianna Claire, no doubt about it.

    What I learned?  Am learning….that I am a person who finds it way too easy to get scared and stressed over the future and the unknown.  And over things I can’t control.  But the sense of knowing the ONE who does know it all and Who does have things under control…when I choose to remember that, I’m at peace….I want to trust Him more and more….Also, what a blessing good health is, for me and my children too!  Gianna spent two days in the hosp. last week.  Oh wait, I guess that was in ’09.  Anyway, thanking God for her renewed health.

    Thanks for the chance to enter your contest, what fun!

  14. Aw, shucks. I missed this. No calendar from Marylou shall grace my walls this year. Bummer.

    Our greatest blessing, of course, was our new baby girl. And then also a great group of caring friends who have blessed me over and over. My goal for 2009 is to bless them like they have blessed me.

    Oh and visit Jesup, GA. Yes, we shall! 

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