Friday October 2, 2009

 Last Saturday I just chilled and went to Jekyll Island all by myself. And my camera, of course. I spend several hours tromping around the island, trying to get some good beach shots. I tell you, it’s amazing how much the sky affects outdoor pictures. I love blue skies with huge fluffy clouds and Saturday was no exception. PTL it was an exceptionally pretty day, especially after the forecast was partly to mostly cloudy. I was exceptionally happy that partly cloudy also means mostly sunny.

It was still quite warm here, probably in upper 80s and lower 90s and I didn’t have quite enough cold water with me. The prettiest dunes are at the far southern end of the island, of the which is long walk from either the east or west side. Since the west side was under water because of high tide, I took the east side. It probably wasn’t as far as it seemed but it took me about 1.75 hours to go and come back.

Jekyll Dunes 15.jpg

jekyll dunes 17.jpg

They must’ve had a particularly rough high tide recently because there were probably 15-20 dead horseshoe crabs along the way. And lots of some sort of rubbery looking sea weed. That shell above is neither a horseshoe crab nor seaweed. Just wanted to avoid confusion.

Jekyll Dunes 18.jpg

Jekyll Dunes 19.jpg

There were two other kinds of birds with the gulls. I’ve never seen the red and black beaked ones before, that I know of. Anybody know what kind they are?

jekyll dunes 16.jpg

These are not very common here either.

jekyll dunes 20.jpg

Jekyll Dunes 5.jpg

Jekyll Dunes 1.jpg

Jekyll Dunes 4.jpg

I went over to Driftwood Beach which offers a different twist to beach scenes. It was high tide there too. Hmmmm. What a coincidence.

Jekyll Dunes 9.jpg

Jekyll Dunes 8.jpg


The light colored part of the driftwood was really smooth.

Jekyll Dunes 3.jpg

Jekyll Dunes 2.jpg

Eventually I left the island and stopped in at a kayaking place to see if they would let me take some pictures of their kayak shed. The bright colors had caught my eye the last couple of times I had driven past it.

Jekyll Dunes 10.jpg

The gentleman working there graciously allowed me to shoot away.


Jekyll Dunes 11.jpg

Not painted:

Jekyll Dunes 11b.jpg

Jekyll Dunes 12.jpg

A stop in Darien to see if it was worth shooting the shrimp boats but by then the clouds had pretty much left and I skipped it. There is an old church there that I stopped at again. Anyone remember the red door from before? I wonder why they tabbied over brick?

Jekyll Dunes 13.jpg

The ditches beside the road on the way to Brunswick have lots of these feathery looking weeds, plus blackeyed susans.

jekyll dunes 14.jpg

I went to Ruby Tuesday where I inhaled a salad and cold coke … well, I was pretty parched by the time I had gotten there. The croutons and the green soybeans pretty much cap the salad for me!

Sunday afternoon I went back down with my sister to relax a little and relax we did.

Jekyll Dunes 7.jpg

It was actually hot on the east side since the breeze was coming from the west so we moved over to a pier on the west side. I can’t tell you how good it felt to prop up the feet and read and relax and enjoy the breeze and the gulls and the passing boats.

Jekyll Dunes 6.jpg

Yeah, you’d probably rather not hear about it.

Our church has had quite a bit going for about 3 weeks. Communion last Sunday, an ordination for a minister this weekend, and then baptism the following Sunday.

Pray for us when you think of us. This weekend is big to each of us and we want God’s will to be done.


7 thoughts on “Friday October 2, 2009

  1. As if it weren’t enough for you to tell me you went to the beach two days in  a row and all my scheming and planning didn’t get me there ONCE all SUMMER LONG, you also have to rub it in about the warm temp.  I am officially cold.  I got that way on Monday and I will be cold inside until May.  David counted.  He said it’s 8 months.  I said I’d be ok in April but he says I never am.  

    All seriousness () aside, it sounds like you needed a respite and I’m glad you got one.  Thinking of you this weekend.

  2. The unusual birds are Black Skimmers.  Crow sized.  The lower mandible is about 1/3 longer than the top part of the bill.  Very spectatular in flight.  Usually only one or two are seen skimming the surface of the water with the tip of the lower mandible cutting through the surface of the water in search of fish.  At other times, compact flocks may be seen flying in unison, wheeling in one direction and then another … with the jet black of their wings showing first, and then the gleaming white of their underparts.  Taken from The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Birds.

  3. @smilesbymiles – I know. I am cruel. I’ll just admit it. 🙂 🙂 As for warm temperatures, I’ll trade with you any day. We have exactly 35 sweater days in any given year. I’d like at least 2 or 3 times that many. Of course, it doesn’t help that I’m warm blooded.

    @ForTheMastersUse – Thanks for that info! I imagine they’re probably migrating, since we don’t usually see them here. Plus, they were only on the south side of the island, where there are very few people.

  4. @justcallmeM –   35 sweater days????????????????  You mean you don’t even own a coat???????  I want  to move.  Any job opportunities around there?  I am so cold blooded I freeze somewhere around 46 instead of 32.  It’s not fun.

  5. Enjoyed seeing your pics. You’re so lucky to live so close to the beach! I could sit for hours just listening to the waves……….:). We’re going to Myrtle Beach in 2 wks, but I have a ‘feeling’ I won’t get to relax on the beach like I’d like to w/ a baby who eats E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. in site/with in reach!! 🙁

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