Flowers and Tweets – Tuesday October 13, 2009

Guess what I found beside the road!!











Fall Bouquet 3.jpg

Amazing, isn’t it? Well … it didn’t exactly look like that when I found it. It was a little clump here and a big clump there. And there is enough allergy material there to warrant it staying outside. And after reworking the bouquet three times because the black-eyed-susans or whatever they are kept dying on me, I finally found the perfect spot to take them. I really badly wanted an old house but couldn’t think of where I could find one. When I went to take a few pictures at Joe’s place I remembered their barn.

Fall Bouquet 2.jpg

Now Joe can once more tell Sadie “see… my barn is good for something” or something like that.

Fall Bouquet 1.jpg

I’ll just tell him if he ever decides to tear it down to let me have that door and some rusted metal siding.

Fall Bouquet 4.jpg  


Now for a limerick by yours truly. My sincere apologies to limericists or whatever it is you call people who write limericks (poet, maybe?? ). You know me and poetry. We go together like water and oil. Almost.  And my apologies to Tweeters or Twitterers. I know nothing about it but the name is unique. Kind of like snorkel. I love that word. Say it ten times. Doesn’t it give you such an odd mental picture. Okay, back to the limerick.


A twitterer exceedingly tweety
One evening remarked to his sweetie
A tweeter can tweet
Something nice and sweet
But he’s still a twit then, isn’t he?


Doesn’t that just warm your heart?

Yours ’til I come up with something more worthwhile to write about.

8 thoughts on “Flowers and Tweets – Tuesday October 13, 2009

  1. Did I see that bouquet in your carport?  I was showing Roseanne around on Saturday evening and we pulled up to your place but no one was home.  The boys were telling me that they saw you taking pictures of the flowers across from Harley Dr.  I’m amazed at all the wild flowers growing right now.  It doesn’t take much to make a pretty arrangement.

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous! I like the way your mind thinks when you set up a photo shoot. And I love fresh bouquets. I just wish they would last longer.

  3. Haha….yes, he would be happy to hear that barn is good for one more thing! =) Actually, our mantel is from a beam from that old barn, too! Love the pics and the limerick! lol

  4. luv the limerick!!  it’s very twitty…er, make that witty!!  🙂    ever think of how each generation has its own “language”??  oh, and i know you didn’t ask but i like the top color pic the best – the depth of color looks very good!

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