Domestic Violence

Those are two words which had not really been a part of my experience in life.

Today was a beautiful day. The prettiest day we have had this year-to-date.



But. Before the sun rose this morning to cast it’s golden light on our part of the world, the terrible news went out of the death of a daughter of one of our church families. One of our pastors, actually. Her life was taken by her husband. She leaves behind a nearly two-year-old son and a family who is reeling from the awful news.

This lady was a former schoolmate of mine, though we are 6 years apart in age, and later a pupil of mine in her high school years. 

Because this is a very public blog, I won’t share any more details. But I felt I needed to say something. Please pray for her family, for her baby, for her husband. 



On what appears to be the most beautiful spring day, life and death are more real than ever. And the presence of God’s grace and comfort are more needed than ever. How do people handle such news without Him?



8 thoughts on “Domestic Violence

  1. That sort of news travels fast. It was in our community yesterday. Although I don’t know the family, my heart goes out to everyone involved, especially her immediate family. I simply cannot imagine what they are going through. May God’s grace be over them and may He give your church family peace and wisdom in knowing how to help.

  2. I’m so sorry. This must be devastating for everyone involved. I keep trying to think whether I know her. I think she would have been close to my age.

  3. Everything inside me is just screaming no, no, NO! The fact that there are thousands such stories does not make this any less awful or shocking. It’s just so wrong, devastating, and ….. awful. I am so sorry. Saying a prayer for her son, her family, and her husband.

  4. So so awfully sad! I just cannot fathom the feelings and loss. I am so sorry for all of you, esp Melvin and Laura and the family. We are praying!

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