Call of the Fall

When you take an amazing trip there’s something about it that calls exactly 12 months later. In my case it’s Fall Weather that triggers those feelings. I’ve been to Montana, Colorado, Michigan and New England in the Fall. I’ve even been to Boston in the Fall (cue the Veggie Tales song Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything). I’ve lived through 3 beautiful falls in Northwestern Ontario. While our weather in Georgia isn’t exactly crying fall yet, it does whisper it in the mornings and evenings. It is on the way.

The Michigan trip came 2 years ago the end of September/beginning of Oct. My sister and I flew to Detroit and were met there with a great group of girlfriends from Ohio. We motored up to Mackinaw City, Michigan. I hadn’t been to northern Michigan before and was struck with the similarities of the “wilderness” to NW Ontario! It almost felt like coming home. We overnighted at a lovely motel on Lake Huron (I believe). We could see Mackinac Island in the distance and that is where we headed the next day.

Michigan Trip-9
Mackinac Bridge


Michigan Trip-2
The view from the back of our motel.


Michigan Trip-18
Delicious Fish & Chips!


Michigan Trip-8
Went to find the bridge and found a sunset too!


Michigan Trip-20
Our ferry took us under the bridge before we headed to the island
Michigan Trip-19
Lighthouse at Mackinaw City


Another ferry headed the other direction.

Michigan Trip-266

Michigan Trip-23


Michigan Trip-24

Coming into the harbor at Mackinac Island reminded me of Martha’s Vineyard, with Victorian mansions along the water.

Michigan Trip-25

Michigan Trip-26

Michigan Trip-27

I’ll admit I was a little leery of the possible “touristy” (which my mind usually reads hustly-bustly busy) Mackinac Island. I needn’t have worried. Yes, it is touristy, it is laid-back and charming! I highly recommend it, especially in the fall. I imagine summer could be kind of crazy with tourists. The Saturday we were there was by far the busiest day.

All transportation on the island is by bike or horse-drawn carriage/wagon/cart. The only exceptions are emergency vehicles.

Michigan Trip-261

Michigan Trip-259

Michigan Trip-258

Michigan Trip-251

Michigan Trip-252

Michigan Trip-129

Michigan Trip-135

Michigan Trip-127

Michigan Trip-46

Michigan Trip-235

Accommodations on the island are not cheap. Houses further inland are easier on the budget, be we decided to splurge a little and stayed at lovely old inn. Our rooms were actually not in the inn but in the newer 3 story building behind it. There was a lovely garden between the inn and our building and a wedding took place on Saturday afternoon.

Michigan Trip-39

Michigan Trip-92

Michigan Trip-199

Michigan Trip-40

The top of our building is the long roof line in the center of the photo.

Michigan Trip-147

Michigan Trip-82 collage

The front porch of the inn was our meeting place since it was a lovely place to meet and we were within easy walking distance of everything so we kind of did our own thing for a bit of the day.

Michigan Trip-85


Michigan Trip-32
Our Group – L to R: Ruby M, Me, Ruby B, Twila B, Esther B, Velma Y & Lois

Inside the inn:

Michigan Trip-31

Michigan Trip-30

Michigan Trip-243

The town isn’t very big but has a nice variety of shops and restaurants.

Michigan Trip-53

Michigan Trip-150

Michigan Trip-153

Michigan Trip-52

Michigan Trip-56

Michigan Trip-60

The beautiful flowers deserve a post of their own.

Michigan Trip-59

Michigan Trip-55

Michigan Trip-165

Michigan Trip-162

Michigan Trip-167

Michigan Trip-169 Michigan Trip-170

The man who lived beside the inn had 2 beautiful miniature collies.

Michigan Trip-180

One last shot for this post. Don’t worry, I have many more photos to show you!!

Michigan Trip-44



Same house later in the day.
Michigan Trip-200

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    1. Marylou Hershberger

      Have your leaves changed colors yet? The beauty of northern fall for us is that it comes while our weather is still quite warm. The cool, crisp air is so refreshing it is a worship experience! I’m so thankful God made a variety of seasons.

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