Call of the Fall part 2

We biked around the perimeter of the island one day, approximately 7 miles. We took a picnic lunch along to eat about half way through. It was a cool but sunny day.

Michigan Trip-158

The water around the island was crystal clear!

Michigan Trip-35

Another day we walked a big loop through and around town.

Michigan Trip-99

Michigan Trip-100

Michigan Trip-101 Michigan Trip-106

Michigan Trip-108

Michigan Trip-109


The Grand Hotel is indeed grand! The cost to stay here could also be considered grand.

Michigan Trip-119


Michigan Trip-120

Michigan Trip-117

Michigan Trip-118 Michigan Trip-125

Michigan Trip-130


The stables where all the horses/carriages are kept.

Michigan Trip-132


The Governor of Michigan’s island vacation home:

Michigan Trip-137

Michigan Trip-139

Michigan Trip-141

Michigan Trip-142

Michigan Trip-143

Michigan Trip-145

Michigan Trip-166

Michigan Trip-167


For some people, Mackinac fudge is their thing.

Michigan Trip-73

The ice cream with fudge available on the island was definitely my thing! 🙂

Fudge Ice Cream


One evening as the evening light was waning, I walked into town to get some pictures. These are some of my favorite from this island!

Michigan Trip-240

Michigan Trip-236

Michigan Trip-238

Michigan Trip-233

Michigan Trip-234 Michigan Trip-231

Michigan Trip-230

Michigan Trip-225 Michigan Trip-212

Michigan Trip-221

Michigan Trip-78

Michigan Trip-75

This was taken on a Saturday evening. The crowds of the day had apparently been there only for the day. These streets were bustling with people earlier that day but were quite by evening.

Michigan Trip-71

Michigan Trip-70

Like I said, fudge is a really big thing here.

Michigan Trip-69

Michigan Trip-68


And my very favorite evening shot!



Here’s a travel photography tip for you … If you don’t have a tripod along to take a slow shutter speed shot like the one above (1/20th of a second), find something to lean up against, take a deep breath, and shoot. Or prop your elbows against your stomach, take and deep breath and shoot. Or find something stationary to lay the camera on.

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