Of Expectations and Meeting Them – Wednesday November 5, 2008

This past weekend was our fourth annual church campout. It’s the second year at this particular campground. There are definitely pros and cons to the facilities. The cabins are rustic. Basically bunks and lockers. No insulation whatsoever. The bathrooms are far from homey or cozy. But the dining hall is well equipped for a group of 100 and the location of the group camp is isolated. The children had great fun riding bike all over the place. The men, if they weren’t eating, were playing football. Except for the break they took for volleyball.  A little exaggeration there but they did play lots of football.

You know, sometimes when we have expectations of something and the occasion does not meet up to them, it leaves a person a little disheartened. Last year we had a lovely time and I was hoping this year would be great as well. It really was!!! The weather was beautiful and not quite as cold as last year. Everyone there seemed to really enjoy themselves. The food was great. And all that good stuff. For those of you who weren’t there, I did think of you and wish you could’ve been there as well!!! Just because we had a great time doesn’t mean you weren’t missed.

There’s something about being in a setting like that that helps you get to know people in a different way. Sitting around a campfire having discussions of all different kinds, enjoying talent night that was filled with humor as well as touching moments all have ways of making life more precious.

I have a very few pics to post here and I will sometime soon post a slideshow. I was inspired on the way home last Sunday evening to try something creative with them and it’s taking me a bit of time to put it together. Plus, we have a bakesale ahead this weekend. Seems we are raising funds for our very own gym. Seems almost too good to be true.

God bless!

pic 002

 pic 157

childhood memories

Returning Family & Creative Co-workers – Tuesday November 4, 2008

 We’ve been waiting for this for some time. Being separated by an ocean for 4 years seems in some ways like a long time and in other ways it seems like it has flown.

Last Tuesday my parents and my sisters Lois and Hannah and I went to help clean the house that they will be living in for a while. Gary’s sister Donna found a house in a small town for them to rent. It is 108 years old and has the character of an old house. Really big windows, a wide porch that wraps around the side, and other features which add to it’s character. It has a lovely bag yard with quite a few big trees. Of course, older homes also tend to have issues with water and electric and this one is no exception. But it has lots of potential to be a homey place and I can’t wait to see it after they are settled in.

Donna treated us to hamburgers and chili dogs from the infamous Troy’s. They really were delicious!! After a day of cleaning with Donna, her boys and Alta, our family (along with our brother Henry who lives there as well and helped clean in the afternoon) went to our cousin Lila’s place for supper. The next day we got some stops in, went back to the rental house to finish up a little cleaning, and then went to the designated spot to meet the shuttle bringing the family in. We weren’t there more than 3 minutes, with plans to go shopping until they came in when they pulled in the parking lot, having caught a different shuttle.

After a delicious Laotian noodle soup supper at the Kauffman home, we headed for home. It’s hard to believe they’ll be within 2.5 hours drive now. Yay hooray!

garys 1
Apparently a previous occupant wanted to add cable, so, this was their solution to getting it into the back bedroom. Well, at least it will be covered up by shoes or something.

garys 2
Cleaning the large windows

garys 3

garys 4
Sorry for the blurry picture. The P&S I had along works a little differently than my Rebel.

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On Thursday our job supervisor Mart wanted to know if I wanted to bring out a pizza meal for the framing crew who was just finishing up. Glad to add yet more variety to my week, I was happy to oblige him.

They are currently working on a small bank in a nearby town. It is right beside a main route, and received a special visit from an O S H A “friend” earlier in the week. Those are always such a thrill. Or not.

So my co-worker Reggie who is quite a funny guy built a piece of custom furniture for me to use during lunch time. I always knew he was talented but this time he blew me away. I told his wife who also joined us for lunch that she should get him to build all their furniture.

lunch 1
Gene added the O in the center. Not sure exactly what it’s for but I was kind of scared to ask!

lunch 2
Side view of this fine piece of furniture.

pic 022
Lunch time.

pic 023
The vault. My apologies if any walls look crooked or distorted. I assure you it’s the camera and the framing crew. The framers have an excellent reputation in the area, both for price and quality.

lunch 3
One parting shot of the exterior.