Unstuck – Sunday February 18, 2007

So my car did start when I got back there. I even made it back home, changed my clothes and got the nursing home 5 minutes before time to start.

Here are a few pics from this afternoon, although neither of them are the reason I was out shooting.

Sunday 006b   
The church where my car was stuck.

 A building I pass on my way to/from work every day. I thought it needed to be photographed.

Thank you, Ginny, for the kind offer. If my “ox” troubles me again I may have to call on you!!!!

Stuck – Sunday February 18, 2007

Bet you can’t guess where I am or what I’m doing here on a Sunday afternoon!! I am at the office a block and a half away from my car, hoping it will start when I get back. I came to town this afternoon to shoot some pictures and forgot to turn my lights off. I’ve been having problems with the battery going dead when I leave them on too long but usually it starts again after a few minutes. I waited a bit and it didn’t start so I thought I’d check my mail at the post office and come to the office for a bit, since I was within several blocks of there anyway and I was hoping to get some walking in on such a beautiful sunny day. It is still windy and nippy out there but the sun does wonders at redeeming the weather.

Last night was a Valentine’s banquet for the youth and the married couples who come with us. We had chicken parmesan, fettucini alfredo, green beans, Caesar salad, six-cheese bread, tea, and a strawberry and chocolate dessert. Each of us single ladies was given a white, long-stemmed rose by Kenneth, which we thought was really special! (and sweet!) After supper we watched Facing the Giants, a movie produced in Albany, GA by a Baptist church. Very good film by the way.

Today at church a group of young ladies from a children’s home gave a song/testimony program and it was touching to see their enthusiasm for Christ, to hear where He has brought them from and where He is taking them. God was speaking to other hearts this morning and PTL for the committments that were made!!

Well, I suppose I should head back to my car and see if it’s ready to start. If not, I’ll have to bug some kind person (I’m sure my brother owes me one! ) to come jump me off and I’ll have to think about a new battery soon.

Have blessed day!!!


Wednesday February 14, 2007

There are quite a few things that I should be doing instead of posting on xanga. I have ironing to do yet tonight. This weekend promises to be very busy. Tomorrow after work I’m helping some friends with QuickBooks work, Friday night is a spelling bee/fun night at school, Saturday night we are doing a V banquet for the youth, Sunday carry-in after church…. well, you get the picture. But I thought I’d take time to post some pics from the past. I am putting together a slide show for the 50th anniversary celebration of friends coming up in 3+ weeks. So much fun seeing their pictures from way back so I thought I’d show you my senior pics that I found recently while cleaning out in my room.

Yea for the class of ’91!!!!!



Happy V Day to all!!!


Edited to Add: Later after I posted these pics and I got to thinking these might not be my senior pics after all. I think they were taken 2 or 3 years after I graduated. lol. I had taken these with the same photographer but I’ll post the actual senior pics when I find them. So funny!


Ye Faint-Hearted Rise Again – I Give You Chocolate

Joe said that the Bosch® mixer is the answer to the world’s problems, and while that machine is a marvel, I have to beg to differ. I think chocolate may be the correct answer. Last night I made some fudge topping that as I told my sister Hannah, is not for the faint of heart.

My best success with self-control and fudge topping are: make it for a large group so that you can taste it as your making it, and scrape out the bowl when it’s gone. Otherwise it’s a dangerous thing to have around (no pun intended).

Tonight the y.g. is going to eat and then to church for games and dessert. (I forgot to mention in my last post that one strange thing about me is that I mostly make 2 kinds of cookies. The most loved is the peanut butter chocolate chip recipe I have had since jr. high school days when I made them at my teachers house for a school event.) I mixed up the dough last night and will bake them at the church tonight. That and ice cream and the hot fudge topping. Be still my beating heart.

Here’s the recipe in case you want to try it.

1 c. butter
1/2 c. cocoa powder
3 c. sugar
1 – 12 oz. can evap. milk
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Mix first four ingredients together in saucepan. Bring to a boil and let it cook for 7 minutes, stirring constantly. Add vanilla. Put in blender for 2 minutes on high. Yield: 1 quart before tasting

It gets pretty thick when chilled so it’s nice to keep it in a microwaveable dish for quick zapping before serving.

Yes, I know that neither the Bosch® mixer nor chocolate solve the world’s problems. Can you say “facetious?” This post is for entertainment purposes only! The recipe is an added bonus.


Cookie recipe:

Chocolate Chip Recipe


Tagged – Wednesday February 7, 2007

I was tagged by Carolyn for the follow compilation of things about me which are weird, unusual, habitual, or just plain fun to hear about (and true). I think six was suggested but I came up with more.

1. I like coconut flavoring but strongly dislike coconut flakes unless chopped very fine.

2. Although I love roses, I dislike rose scented anything, except for the occasional real rose.

3. The weirdest thing about me: my sense of humor. Probably more times than not people laugh at me laughing at my own jokes than they do actually laugh at my jokes. Weird as it is, I wouldn’t trade my sense of humor for any other.

4. My tear ducts work well. I don’t have to laugh long until I have tears on my cheeks. I don’t have to cry long either for tears to come. Ha!

5. Often if I get suddenly upset or irritated about something, I get the hiccups.

6. I do not like to write in pure cursive. My handwriting is well, unique. I sometimes use a cursive r and a printed r in the same word. I both like and dislike my handwriting. I like it because it is unique, I dislike it because it is inconsistent.

7. I would 10 times rather type a letter than handwrite one. So, if you get a handwritten letter from me, it must be pretty special!

8. I visualize things as people describe them to me. Sometimes if I hear the same story often enough, I begin to think I actually saw it happen.

9. I love old movies, even old silents! I can watch an old favorite over and over again.

10. I don’t especially care for Karen Kingsbury’s books. Okay, so maybe there are many others who also are not fans but it seems like everyone I know really likes them.

11. I have yet to find a gray or white hair on my head. I’m 34.

12. I love audio drama and books. When I travel, I love to pass the time by listening to them. I love classical music turned to a moderate level, but when I need a good stress reliever, I will crank up my one classical cd, and lay on the floor and soak it in. (Canon in D, Music for a Found Harmonium, Fantasy for Violin & Orchestra, etc.)

Okay, I guess that is enough information for one post!

I tag Jairia, Bernie, Ginny, Annette, Freida  and anyone else who reads this and wants to take the challenge.