Stuck – Sunday February 18, 2007

Bet you can’t guess where I am or what I’m doing here on a Sunday afternoon!! I am at the office a block and a half away from my car, hoping it will start when I get back. I came to town this afternoon to shoot some pictures and forgot to turn my lights off. I’ve been having problems with the battery going dead when I leave them on too long but usually it starts again after a few minutes. I waited a bit and it didn’t start so I thought I’d check my mail at the post office and come to the office for a bit, since I was within several blocks of there anyway and I was hoping to get some walking in on such a beautiful sunny day. It is still windy and nippy out there but the sun does wonders at redeeming the weather.

Last night was a Valentine’s banquet for the youth and the married couples who come with us. We had chicken parmesan, fettucini alfredo, green beans, Caesar salad, six-cheese bread, tea, and a strawberry and chocolate dessert. Each of us single ladies was given a white, long-stemmed rose by Kenneth, which we thought was really special! (and sweet!) After supper we watched Facing the Giants, a movie produced in Albany, GA by a Baptist church. Very good film by the way.

Today at church a group of young ladies from a children’s home gave a song/testimony program and it was touching to see their enthusiasm for Christ, to hear where He has brought them from and where He is taking them. God was speaking to other hearts this morning and PTL for the committments that were made!!

Well, I suppose I should head back to my car and see if it’s ready to start. If not, I’ll have to bug some kind person (I’m sure my brother owes me one! ) to come jump me off and I’ll have to think about a new battery soon.

Have blessed day!!!


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