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I was tagged by Carolyn for the follow compilation of things about me which are weird, unusual, habitual, or just plain fun to hear about (and true). I think six was suggested but I came up with more.

1. I like coconut flavoring but strongly dislike coconut flakes unless chopped very fine.

2. Although I love roses, I dislike rose scented anything, except for the occasional real rose.

3. The weirdest thing about me: my sense of humor. Probably more times than not people laugh at me laughing at my own jokes than they do actually laugh at my jokes. Weird as it is, I wouldn’t trade my sense of humor for any other.

4. My tear ducts work well. I don’t have to laugh long until I have tears on my cheeks. I don’t have to cry long either for tears to come. Ha!

5. Often if I get suddenly upset or irritated about something, I get the hiccups.

6. I do not like to write in pure cursive. My handwriting is well, unique. I sometimes use a cursive r and a printed r in the same word. I both like and dislike my handwriting. I like it because it is unique, I dislike it because it is inconsistent.

7. I would 10 times rather type a letter than handwrite one. So, if you get a handwritten letter from me, it must be pretty special!

8. I visualize things as people describe them to me. Sometimes if I hear the same story often enough, I begin to think I actually saw it happen.

9. I love old movies, even old silents! I can watch an old favorite over and over again.

10. I don’t especially care for Karen Kingsbury’s books. Okay, so maybe there are many others who also are not fans but it seems like everyone I know really likes them.

11. I have yet to find a gray or white hair on my head. I’m 34.

12. I love audio drama and books. When I travel, I love to pass the time by listening to them. I love classical music turned to a moderate level, but when I need a good stress reliever, I will crank up my one classical cd, and lay on the floor and soak it in. (Canon in D, Music for a Found Harmonium, Fantasy for Violin & Orchestra, etc.)

Okay, I guess that is enough information for one post!

I tag Jairia, Bernie, Ginny, Annette, Freida  and anyone else who reads this and wants to take the challenge.

3 thoughts on “Tagged – Wednesday February 7, 2007

  1. yes we are okay…internet times are few and far between!! I know one of these days we’ll get an update. Hey you should come see us…it is about time you come up here again.


  2. Oh yes, I was wondering why you don’t like Karen Kingsbury? Neither do I, I was just curious why you don’t? =) I’m not sure why I don’t except they feel so light and airy and not much substance to them, at least the ones I read and neither do I like romance in books to that degree….

  3. Thought I’d let you know I’m in agreement on #10.  Never could get into any of them.  I’m an old friend of you sis Lois.  Tell her I said “hello”.  -Beth        p.s. can you share your secret for #11?

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