Why I Like (Selective) Shopping at CVS – Tuesday September 1, 2009

I’ve wanted to do a post on this for a while but lost the receipts from earlier shopping trips there and haven’t made a good run with them real recently.

Today everything I purchased was on sale, plus I had coupons for most of them. CVS’ prices are typically higher than dollar stores and wally world so I try to wait until I have a coupon and a sale combined. Otherwise, if I just use one or the other, I pay the same thing as I would other places at regular price.

CVS 002

Let’s see, left to right. The Mott’s applesauce was on sale, plus I had a $1 coupon.    Total Cost $1     Reg. Price $2.99

The 40-load Tide Powder was on sale plus I had a coupon. It was the same price as the 32-load liquid.    Total Price $4.98     Reg. Price $10.99

Celine Dion perfume. Not sure what the original price was.    Clearance for $4.25.

Glade Fragrance Collection reed diffuser. On sale for $6.99, their sale this week gives you back $6.99 in Extra Bucks, plus I had a coupon for $2.    Total Price  -$2.00      Reg. Price $9.99

Progresso Soup. Good as homemade? Absolutely not but I like to keep some at the office for an occasional, quick, low calorie & low fat meal. I only really like about 3 of their soups. I can rarely find them for less than $2. On sale occasionally for $1.50 to $1.75. CVS had a sale buy 3 for $6, get $2 back in EB. I had a $1.10 off purchase of 3.    Total Price $ .97 per can.     Reg. Price $3.19 per can.

The Dawn soap is their small bottle. This was on sale plus I had a coupon.      Total Price $ .75     Reg. Price $1.99

Softsoap Nutri Serums body wash. I had a coupon for $1, plus they gave back $2 in EB.    Total Price $1.99     Reg. Price $4.99

  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

My Total Cost with tax $15. 40

My Total Savings: $30.94 (includes Extra Bucks but excludes whatever I saved on the perfume, since I don’t know what the original cost was)

The only thing I haven’t done is checked to see what all of these items purchased at Freds or Dollar General would cost. I think I’ll try to do that and post what I found. Might be really revealing.

I get some coupons from online sources. Occasionally I’ll pick up a Sunday paper. Several months ago I heard about the All You magazine which is similar to Good Housekeeping or Better Homes & Gardens. All You is known for their many coupons. Supposedly Walmart carries them but I couldn’t find any at our local store so I found a site only where I got a 1-year subscription for $9. (Mags Direct.com) I figured if I don’t use many of the coupons it would still pay itself off. I got my first magazine last week and it has about $80 worth of coupons. Granted, I probably won’t use more than $10 of them but if so, that pays the subscription off in one edition.

Coupon clipping can get kind of complicated, especially if you try to match them with sales, and epecially if you live in a small town where there aren’t many stores to choose from. And also with only 2 of us living in the house, we don’t go through things as fast as those of you with families might.

Anyway, I’m probably the last person to actually start doing this!  You’re all probably pros at this by now. Thanks to Judy for the first inspiriation, and to Linda for explaining how you get your good deals. It’s fun to get good deals!!

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  1. I love going shopping at stores that have double, and sometimes even triple, coupons, and figuring out how much I’ve saved.  This must be the day for posting about it–another lady I subscribe to here on Xanga featured her savings at KMart with their Super Double Coupons this week, and she paid $21.85 for $82.18 worth of products!

  2. Doesn’t everybody do this?  I think it’s kinda funny that recently, in the economy we’re going through, coupons, sales, etc. are getting so much attention.  But being raised in a home where coupon clipping was a weekly occurrance and I’ve done it ever since I’m married, to me it’s nothing new.  I do miss the Sunday paper with oodles of coupons and lots of store varieties to use them at though.  Good job on your deals!

  3. I just started couponing in the last few months. Sure I’ve always used coupons when I had access to them, but only saved a few dollars here and there. But now I have fun combining coupons with sales, and I love getting freebies and good deals, and even making money. Like the candle at CVS this week, I actually made $2.00 on it, since I had a $2. coupon for it too. Maybe one day I’ll have to post about my deals on xanga too.

  4. Good Job!    It cracks me up that couponing is now the “in vogue” thing as much as photography was about a year ago!!  I have this love / hate relationship with it and look at it as a necessary evil.  Either we coupon and live w/o debt other then our mortgage or then we go into even more debt which is not something I even want to think about.  But oh, how much time it takes. 

    David is picking up Tide, a reed diffuser, 2 buddy bars, and 2 -Murphy’s oil soap for me.  W/ Q’s and ECB’s from last week I hope his bill won’t be over $4 cash and I should be getting $8 ECB’s back.  I decided to skip the body wash since I only have about 8 or 9 bottles stashed away already. 

  5. That is just so. much. fun. to get good deals like that! I’ve done really well at CVS and Walgreens because of their bucks back thing plus sales & coupons. Makes me wonder why I didn’t do this long ago! It IS more challenging to do it here in Jesup because of not many options to shop, and I’ve found that I do better with household items than with groceries right here in town… Cheers to you for your good deals!!! πŸ™‚

  6. We don’t have CVS around here and I rarely hear of double couponing in this area (and no K-Mart…it went out of business)…but I started married life two dozen years ago being a frugal shopper out of necessity and have always made my grocery lists according to what is on sale and add coupons to that if I have them, so I like your good deal up there! 

  7. I should pay more attention to coupons, etc… but I don’t need brand name items.. usually look at the price/unit, etc.
    My eyes and mind get crossed as I read this.. you and Judy and others get me thinking I need to do something….

    Also I love your pics.. you have an eye for beauty.. and that is my final answer

  8. Wow!  Don’t you love those savings? I must say though, I’m not worthy of you posting my name on here because #1, even though I’ve been clipping coupons since we’re married ( barely even 4 yrs.) I am still learning the art to getting great deals at Walgreens, CVS, etc. and #2, I feel like there are lots of older ladies out there that know so much more and have lots more experience in this field.(: 

  9. @brdeezgrl – unfortunately our Kmart does not do the double coupons. Arrgggh!!

    @Yoderfamilyof5 – For years we mostly bought generic. I’ve clipped coupons over the years, but when comparing food coupons them to generic or other brands, it often was not cheaper to use the coupon. I mostly use coupons for non-food items since this is still often true. Kudos to you for your many years of clipping. Maybe you should do  a post on it sometime!! πŸ™‚

    @smilesbymiles – Wow! Great job!

    @lifeisadance – Agree! The savings our more in the household items than food for our local shopping.

    @gokum – I don’t buy brand items unless: 1. the quality is superior enough to warrant paying extra for it. 2. With sales and coupons it’s cheaper and it’s an item I will actually use. Glad you enjoy my pics! πŸ™‚

  10. Yes, Marylou, I too buy just about all my food generic because the food coupons don’t turn out to be that good a deal compared to them.  However, in Va, it was worth buying name-brand because certain stores offered double and sometimes triple coupons (I so miss Harris Teeter!).  I too, make out better on non-food items.  Thanks to your post, I subscribed to All You and hope to find some good coupons.  Psst… the K-Mart here does do double coupons on certain weeks.  I’ve done it a couple of times since we’re here.  You just have to watch their sale flier carefully for it.

  11. Wow…i just discovered the CVS thing a few months ago. And LOVE it. I don’t go every week…it just depends on their sale items. But it really is worth it. And I also check out the ‘buy one get one’s at the other stores and if I have a coupon I can really save!!!  Have you heard of southernsavers.com?  Its a great website,GLoria uses it all the time!  It does take alot of time though. To match up sales and coupons and check that with the list of groceries you need…….. time consuming! But once again worth it!  : )

  12. thanks for the all you mag tip! i signed up for that and hope it will be good! kmart does do double coupons, sometimes up to FOUR DOLLARS off an item!!! but hardly ever… only twice this year that i’ve seen, but i’ll let you know when it happens again. dealseekingmom.com is a really good site that i’ve found too…

  13. I had to think of this post when I went to Harris Teeter this week for their triple coupon day.  The total for my groceries was $40.49 before discounts and coupons, and $11.59 after!  And the best thing?  Everything was brand-name!

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