Where Often Is Heard – Monday February 19, 2007

an encouraging word — or so it should be. In our adult Sunday School class right now we are studying the gifts of the Spirit. Yesterday was on the gift of encouragement. Although we are not all given this gift, I think it is something we should all seek to practise. Acts of service and gifts are listed in this study as separate gifts but I think they can be used as a form of encouragement too. The latter two are definitely easier for me actively do than the words of affirmation/encouragement. I find it easier to do things for people than to verbalize how I feel about them.

Here are some recent things that have been a boost to me:

– words of affirmation by several friends
– a meal paid by someone unexpectedly
– a rose given to us single ladies at the Valentine’s party (see earlier post)
– hugs from friends

What are some ways that you’ve been encouraged or blessed recently by others? Do you have some suggestions of ways we can be an encouragement to others? What are some things that haven’t necessarily been done for you but would mean a lot to you?

5 thoughts on “Where Often Is Heard – Monday February 19, 2007

  1. I don’t really have time to be on here right now, but I will encourage you =) by saying I love this subject (!!) and will come back and comment later.

  2. It is sooo hard for me to accept help, but down inside if I am honest it makes me feel like a million bucks if someone gets past that front and helps me. Strange I am sure, but the way I am. I am trying to let people help me more, because it gives me a boost to help someone else and then I am not willing to return the favor. e-mails and comments are pretty big day brighteners too!

  3. Words can cut to the core or be a great encouragement.  Today I took Buddy to the Doctor and I left there feeling very uplifted.  We were talking about God being an all powerful God and can do anything.  I mentioned how I used to think in the Bible stories we read that Jesus would heal the ones that could not speak and why could he not heal Buddy even though he is a blessing in his own way.  Doc. said that God has a ministry even for Buddy if its none other than for people to see how we love him and care for him. So I guess I would say I thrive on words or notes of affirmation and encouragment.  Also just a pat on the back or hug. 

  4. thanks for the comment … Canada?  Darrel and Dwayne?  Interesting!  I love this encouragement subject.  My favorite form of encouragement is verbal probably … sometimes that even just means having someone listen and say, “that must be tough” instead of offering platitudes like, oh at least, blah blah blah.  But I’m wondering if I miss doing other ways of encouragement b/c I tend to do what I like having done to me.  Good thoughts to keep boredom at bay while I putty nail holes today!

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