Wednesday October 8, 2008

Ahhh! Finally some fall weather. It feels great in the evenings, although the days are still kind of warm. Sunday a week ago Wendy and I took a picnic lunch down to Jekyll. The weather was perfecto and a worth-repeating event.

But alas I had forgotten to take my camera along so there are no new beach shots. I did do some local stuff since the golden rods and black-eyed susans are begging for some attention. So I succumbed.




bless the lord

black eyed susans2


taste and see

I entered the lot next to us. Entered would be the proper term since it it shoulder high in weeds and brush. Fine place for a snake to hide. There are cute little lavendar flowers that are on long, stemmy plants. They close up at night and reopen in the daylight.

open mouth

There were little creepy crawlies there as well but I think they are pretty harmless.

roller coaster

This one knew some 4Him songs.

roller coaster 2

roller coaster 3

This one was struggling with coordination.

roller coaster 4

When I left the field I discovered I had some “custom embroidery” on my skirt from the friendly and somewhat clingy weeds.


There are some wild grape vines nearby with deliciously sweet grapes on them. Guess the wild vines are good for something!



The cotton was screaming for attention too. Here’s a little science class for you. The cottom blooms open as white on the first day. The next day the are open as a pink flower. On the third day the are a reddish color. By the 5th to 7th days, the are drying up and falling off, making way for the boll to develop. Below you have a new flower, one that is dying, and a boll that is developing.

cotton bloom




These two were having a conversation.


Adios and have a blessed day!


15 thoughts on “Wednesday October 8, 2008

  1. Super!! I just love the bugs. And yes I had some custom embroidery on my pants the other day as i went traipsing through the woods!! aggravating stuff

  2. Love your photos as usual (her heart is dancing a jig because she is soon coming to see the beauty of south GA in person and all her beautiful friends and family there and she will go to bed with a smile on her face.) thank you. 

  3. Next weekend, from Wednesday to Monday, Lord willing. And yes, may we please do a party at your house?? I don’t know what all is planned yet, you can talk to mom. (taps toes excitedly.)

  4. I used your photos for school today…..Braden was learning about Golden Rod and Black-eyed Susans in his Science a couple of days ago, so I brought him to your site and had him identify them. He got a chuckle out of your critter/caterpillar thingy. I try to take the things they learn in their textbooks and make them as hands-on as possible, so thanks for your help today. Charity’s shower looked like lots of fun, too.

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