Wednesday March 28, 2007

Tonight …. last girls party before complicatedreamer gets married. Fondue supper and dessert. Grilled chicken and meatballs. Cheese Fondue. Veggies. Chocolate and caramel. Cheesecake. Fruit. Sleepover for those who want to stay.

Tomorrow …. drop off my car at the body shop for a little painting. The paint on the front bumper has been peeling and it looks “unapeeling” so it’s getting some improvement. My brother will pick me up sometime in the p.m. and we’ll head out for VA.

Friday …. shopping with my mom, SIL and sister. Supper at Carrabbas with the family (really drooling over this one).

Saturday …. Going to a cousin’s wedding. Conversations with family and friends.

Sunday …. ?? church somewhere, more food and fellowship.

Monday …. head back home. My sister is coming home with us for a week!!!!

8 thoughts on “Wednesday March 28, 2007

  1. Hey! I’m just a smidge bit jealous of your going to VA. I would love to go back for a week or so to revisit all my favorite places and visit my friends. While you’re there, take some time to smell the ocean and listen to the jets for me. Can you believe one of the things I miss is not hearing the jets? I was once talking to a friend when a jet went over our house. I stopped talking (’cause you can’t hear a thing) and when I began again my friend said, “Good grief! What just went through your room?” I assume Lois is going to GA for a week. Have fun! C

  2. Yeah I left a clip at your place. Kinda large, brown……..i think it’s there.  Yeah I’m havin fun with my great bro.  Actually have time to do stuff that normally doesn’t easily get done……emailing….xangaing…..readin…..writin letters….shoppin.   Yeah it’s been fun.  See ya this weekend.  ~Bethany

  3.    Yes – it was pretty funny to watch Beth drop the paint.  We all just stood there in schock and then started laughing.  =)  Next time you see me if you ask me about my experience I’ll tell you.  Definately not on Xanga.    haha.

      Hey – we still haven’t heard anything back from the E.I.N. people.  (ok I know that’s not what they’re called but I can’t think of the name)  He tried to call them but couldn’t get ahold of anyone.  Is it absolutely necessary that we have a # before I can do taxes?  And I was wondering if you would be so kind and let me know what it is I have to do for that.  Maybe next Monday or Tuesday night?  If not – that’s ok.  Just let me know.  Have a good day!

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