Wednesday January 24, 2007

Sign seen at office supply store:

All unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy!


“You wouldn’t believe how many parents let their children run wild in here. We just about added free kitty to the list too.” Clerk at office supply store.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday January 24, 2007

  1. Too many parents seem to have no idea what it means to ‘parent.’  Some could learn from “Super Nanny.”  Ever seen it?  All this from a person that never raised a child. ;o)

  2. hey ml…no, honestly, i’m having a hard time finding a picture i have of a full back view of the dress.  maybe sometime soon i’ll find one and message it to you.  it was pretty cool. 🙂  hope you can get that new camera.  i guess i just feel like i have a good film camera so i might as well keep using it and just develop a cd with the prints so i can email the pictures and stuff.  trying not to get caught up in always having to have the latest and greatest, eh? 🙂  good to hear from you.

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