Tuesday June 19, 2007

I just posted for my 2 African nieces. Visit their sites at Vicki’s Site & Kelly’s Site. Keep your eye on my SIL JoAnn’s Site. They were in Liberia with us and she’ll probably beat me at getting her pics on xanga.

Oh, yeah, my bed felt really awesome last night. After traveling for close to 36 hours, a shower and 10 hours of sleep fit the bill. I went to work today and actually was not all that tired. I’m beginning to feel it now, though, so it’s bedtime for me just shortly. Afterall, in Liberia it is already 1:50 am and that’s late even for a night owl.

I did have at least one dream last night. For some reason I was asked to be in the bridal party at a wedding at Liberia Mennonite Church. I didn’t find out until the day of the wedding and miraculously the bride had sewn a dress for me that miraculously fit. I was frustrated though because I couldn’t find my shoes, though. Odd dream.



2 thoughts on “Tuesday June 19, 2007

  1. Hey, enjoy that little house of ours for us!! And  make yourselves completely at home while you’re there.  I’d love to be a guest and you be the host. ;))) Looking forward to seeing pictures and hearing about your trip!

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