Topaz Samples – Monday September 13, 2010

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I was trying out some software that I was having lots of fun with. It has options for over-the-top editing that I won’t even bother showing you since it’s not my type.

The software is Topaz Adjust and it is a plug-in (works along side an editing program) that I use with PSP X2, which is the only editing software I use at this point.

Geneva mentioned seeing some before and after so here are a few:


topaz samples 13b.jpg


topaz samples 13.jpg


topaz samples 20b.jpg


topaz samples 20.jpg


topaz samples 23b.jpg


topaz samples 23.jpg


topaz samples 25b.jpg


topaz samples 25.jpg

topaz samples 29b.jpg


topaz samples 29.jpg

Here are some more afters that I didn’t post the befores.

topaz samples 18.jpg

topaz samples 19.jpg

topaz samples 14.jpg

topaz samples 16.jpg

topaz samples 15.jpg

topaz samples 10.jpg

 topaz samples 8.jpg


8 thoughts on “Topaz Samples – Monday September 13, 2010

  1. wow! these are just gorgeous!!  and i am impressed with the software – or maybe it’s your ability 🙂  It really adds clarity and that extra punch to the pictures.  thanks for showing these.

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