Tipsy Pots – Friday June 4, 2010

Since the photos finally seem to be showing up I will try this. Earlier today in my photo blog only 1 out of every 3 pictures was visible.

Last summer when I was in Ohio I was delighted to see a tipsy pot at my friend Velma’s house. So I took a picture to replicate it since. Marlin was kind enough to do some welding for me to make it work.

tipsy pot 1.jpg

He welded a 5 foot piece of rebar to a flat metal piece, then mitered the edges so it would fit inside a large pot. When I purchased the large  clay pot, I discovered it had 4 holes instead of 1 large one. This works well since I could thread the rebar through one of the holes instead of placing the plate in the bottom of the pot and then weighing it down with a rock or something heavy to keep it from getting too tippy.

tipsy pot 2.jpg

I bought 4 – 10″ clay pots for the top. It ends up being very heavy so it can’t be moved much.

tipsy pot 3.jpg

I learned several things with this one. The location isn’t the greatest due to it not getting any direct sunlight. For our harsh sunlight I wanted it to get several hours of sun a day. But with the earth shifting the sunlight that was hitting this area in the early spring is gone. The plants weren’t doing very well so I shifted it around and the weight broke the saucer beneath the big pot. So it is a bit more tipsy than it should be.

This is Velma’s from late last summer:

 tipsy pot 4.jpg

You can also drive a piece of rebar into the ground and then thread the pots over it if you are not placing it on a hard surface.

Meanwhile, in the garden the brussel sprouts are still ssslllooowwwlllyyy growing.

garden b16.jpg

The three cucmber plants below were planted at the same time but the one in the foreground is barely reaching the panel.

garden b15.jpg

Meanwhile, the other two plants are producing already. 

garden b14.jpg

garden b12.jpg

garden b09.jpg

The first tomato is ripening:

garden b05.jpg

The yellow squash is threatening to take over the garden.

garden b04.jpg

garden b03.jpg

I picked 14 jalapenos so we had some of Pioneer Woman’s cream cheese & bacon peppers the other night at our VBS committee meeting.

garden b02.jpg

Some pretties in Lois’ butterfly garden:

garden b01.jpg

And a baby visitor in the grass last evening:

baby fuzz 2      

5 thoughts on “Tipsy Pots – Friday June 4, 2010

  1. This tipsy pot post is neat because i was just admiring one yesterday when we drove by a house. I never thought of making one. Wonder how it easy it would be to talk Michael into doing  one for me? 🙂

    See ya this weekend!

  2. I saw your beautiful tipsy pots when I dropped off the 5-gal jug last week. Really cute! But I had no idea you had made it! Cool! The brussel sprouts intrigued me. I had no idea that’s what they look like on the plant! And while I’m commenting, I wanted to tell you I LOVED the black bench on your front porch. So stunning!

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