Thursday May 31, 2007

rainIt hit me like a ton of proverbial bricks. I woke up at 3 on Tuesday morning feeling like there a war going on in my stomach. First thought was food poisoning but I ruled that out. To put it delicately, the next 5 hours were like The Colon Cleanse Part 2.

For the first time in many years I called in sick. Since I am getting ready to leave on a Big Trip I needed to use my time wisely, even if I was sick, so I managed to sew a skirt between naps.Who would’ve thought that I could sleep for hours throughout the day and still sleep the next night?

I had a fitful night of sleep, between a nearly full moon and slight fever off and on throughout the night. I awoke on Wednesday feeling like a limp rag but with nothing worse than a headache that Advil could handle. PTL it was only a short version of the flu and I’m back on par again.

In other news, would you look at this beautiful sight:


It may just actually rain here this weekend. Things are quite parched in this neck of the woods. Mama was going through her diary recently and discovered the last decent rain we had was the beginning of March. When it rains again I will be happy to do a rain dance. In fact, I plan on going to Savannah Saturday and I really don’t mind getting drenched. Happy thought, indeed!

Countdown to departure: 5 more dark naps (as Jasmine calls them)

2 thoughts on “Thursday May 31, 2007

  1. It’s getting right dry around here, too, but rain is predicted for 3 days the first of the week.  Glad that flu didn’t last any longer!  Dad had been sick off and on for about a week–mainly a high fever;  didn’t eat much, and lost weight.  Robin had the same thing one night–fever hit all of a sudden during supper, and he left the table early, took a shower and went to bed.

  2. Oh my, your “Colon Cleanse Part 2” cracked me up. Somehow that phrase is more meaningful since my husband partook of that, um, antioxident. 🙂 Hey, when would it work for you to come on over and go over details about the house?? Our weekend looks pretty free Saturday and Sunday afternoon, so maybe sometime then? Just give us a call and we’ll arrange something. Hope your better days ahead continues! 🙂

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