That Other Weekend – Thursday July 2, 2009

Of the which I hadn’t gotten pictures up yet. I’m operating in reverse here. I heard that geniuses work that way. Maybe I didn’t hear that.

So let’s see, this was about 3 weeks ago. We went to Montezuma which is still in Georgia. Funny memory here: when we moved 26.875 years ago (my genius is in math too) from 1 spot in Georgia to another spot in Georgia about 3 hours away (now it’s only 2.5 hours away but that’s besides the point. Sorry to be so distracting. I can’t help it if speed limits change and they build bypasses and we …. well, we probably just drive faster.). When we would go back to visit, my friends would say, “Oh, you came back to Georgia to visit us!” You really don’t want to know what we thought about saying. I think we just said, “We still live in Georgia” in a polite a voice as possible.

Anyway…… we went to Montezuma for a two-fold purpose. We cleaned a house for my brother to move into, all the while he was galivanting in Alaska with the “kid” brother (we’re real bitter, can you tell?), and got a cute little block house ready for him to move into. Then that Saturday night we went to a supper made by a Laosian family that the church there had hosted 28.875 years (give or take some numbers after the decimal point) ago. This family fled for their lives, and at the supper they shared the whole story of why they had to leave and how it all happened. They made enough supper for 200 people. It was delicious but not as spicy as I remembered it to be. They say they have americanized quite a bit.

My neice Ruth Anne took some pics for me. Here’s one of some socializing going on. Talked to people I haven’t seen in years.

zuma 3.jpg

While we were cleaning we got a little distracted by the scenery.


Painted Cornflower:


Painted Cone Flowers.jpg

Cropped 100% to see some small detail:

Painted Cone Flowers 100.jpg

What we were supposed to be doing:

zuma 2.jpg

I think Vicki took this one.

Steadfast Love.jpg

Just a few shots of the country side. There is quite a bit of farm land. Here in our area we have pine trees everywhere. Nearly everywhere. A little farm land but since there is a pulp mill close by, trees are a better cash crop. Btw, the corn here is absolutely amazing. I was near the field by the church today. The top of the tassles on some stalks are 8-9 feet tall. Some ears of corn are eye level for me, which would put them at about 5′ off the ground.

Anyway, they (Montezuma) have red soil. I thought this shot was neat, contrasting the red dirt and the field of greens:

zuma 4.jpg

More farm land:

zuma 5.jpg

I’ve been looking for an old southern mansion to get a picture of to go with a saying that we want to put in our house. I found a few but am not sure if they work. I’d welcome any feed back you might have. While combing the area near Laura and Gary’s house, I found this abandoned place:

This Old House.jpg

This Old House 2.jpg

This Old Window.jpg

Kind of what I was after but still not sure:

big home.jpg

Like this house much better but it was under renovation/restoration so had to do some editing to cleanup some areas:

Big Enough Home.jpg  

Plus, the sun was behind the clouds most of the day and when I went to take these pictures it shown brightly so the shadows are very distracting. Arggghh!!

Then I had an idea. Let’s put the house in a more “southern” setting:

southern mansion bw.jpg

Photoshopped out the wazoo. Naughty. Naughty.

southern mansion paint.jpg

And painted. Even Naughtier.

Meanwhile back in central Georgia

peaches 2.jpg

Peaches are getting ripe. Yes!!! Delicious drippy goodness.


Well, it’s 11 pm, my battery is running low, & my hair is all tangled. All very good reasons to wrap this up and go get some shut-eye.

May your dreams be peachy sweet!

(okay, okay, I’m going!!)


7 thoughts on “That Other Weekend – Thursday July 2, 2009

  1. I love the old Southern mansions too! I used to ‘clean house’ at one here in Abbeville…simply gorgeous inside & out!! (We took our wedding pictures there.) I’m sure Glenn & Betty would be honored to have their mansion featured!  Let me know if I can be of assistance.

  2. Enjoyed the pix! The empty, two-toned roofer is poignant and reminds me of Stuart Hamlen’s song, “This Old House.” The peaches call up a memory from the 1950s, when your daddy-to-be sometimes sang lyrics from an old Jimmie Rogers song: “When it’s peach-pickin’ time in Jawjah, it’s gal-pickin’ time foh me.”   lol.

  3. @brdeezgrl – I didn’t get any pictures of the outside and very few of the inside. It is so small that he has no room for a table unless he puts it in his tiny living room. 🙂

    @Lersarm – I remember him singing that song, too! 🙂

  4. ml. you are too funny! i love the way you write – gives me a laugh every time you go on your bunny trails! 🙂 and even though i can’t view your pictures, it’s still worth it to come over here. 🙂

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