8 thoughts on “Sunset on the Lake – Tuesday January 26, 2010

  1. Adrian (8) saw the photo, not your question, and he exclaimed, “They’re [clouds] going that fast?  It looks like it!”  So that’s one answer, according to the peanut gallery.

  2. It does look like the clouds are flying by!  On another note, would you be interested in taking Tyler’s senior pictures sometime in the near future?  And then designing graduation invitations with them?  I have some things in mind.  I’ll talk to you this weekend about it.

  3. Yes? No? Maybe so? 🙂  At first I thought it was okay, but when I look at just the bottom third of the image, I like it so much more.  The whole picture just gives a sense of something not being quite right.  Even so, I think if you’d at least crop off some of the top, it would help.  No, I think I’ve decided it doesn’t work for me.  

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