Summer Wrap-Up – Wednesday September 19, 2007

Things I’ve learned:

How much paperwork goes into bidding construction jobs for the government
Milk does a body good but not a computer keyboard
What the inside of a keyboard looks like
Watching football trumps playing softball (for some)
That caramel sometimes get stuck in your teeth
What it feels like to be a land owner. My sis & I now own an acre of land
How painful a spider (?) bite can be

Things I’ve done because I had to:

Clean out closets, drawers in anticipation of a garage sale
Read through construction job requirements of the government (yawn)
Trimmed my nails
Went to the doctor for the first time in years to check out said spider bite

Things I’ve enjoyed:

Having some of my family home for a weekend in August
A delicious seafood supper at Pelican’s Point w/my family
Swimming w/my family
Talking & laughing w/my family
Eating delicious scuppernong and muscadine grapes
A break in the intense summer heat
Labor Day cookout at Wes and Ginny’s
Looking at new house details with Lois
Spending quality time with my rebel
Having a cousin and her family, and my aunt and uncle as overnight guests
Holding the new babies, Zoe & Caden
Taking a picnic supper to Jekyll Island with Ginny and Jamie
Girls night out with Jamie, Becky, Lois and Myra – a little shopping and very fun supper at Chilis. Our poor waiter!  Very yummy molten lava dessert.




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17 thoughts on “Summer Wrap-Up – Wednesday September 19, 2007

  1. Sounds as though your spider-bite pain equalled or maybe surpassed my snake (copperhead) bite several years ago. Overall, it wasn’t worse than a bee sting when I was a youngster.

    Fortunately, I never did government jobs during my working years; however, during the1980s we worked at Virginia Power’s Surry nuclear plant. I told the guard when we were leaving I can now empathiize with folks who travel between East and West Berlin. He barely smiled.


  2. Hello Lary Mou – i was thrilled to notice that i made it into your post , not only once , but twice!! It was ALMOST as exciting as being in the budget!! 🙂

     Hope your week end is grand and i’ll catch up with you next week i suppose…….

     Cute picture by the way!


  3. And that is why I do not like caramel in candy. =)  Woo-hoo on the land.  When are ya’ll planning to build?  Everytime you write about life down there, I think I REALLY want to go down again soon!!!  Earlier we had talked about October, so maybe it will happen sometime soon.   That pictures is amazing! 

  4. I really need to talk to you again. I didn’t know you bought land. Where? Sounds exciting! Who is Caden? Crista’a baby maybe? Ouch, a spider bite. Not so exciting! Glad to know you trimmed your nails.   That picture is neat! Right now we’re gearing towards October for coming down there. Any certain weekend it suits you guys better? Or doesn’t suit you?

  5.    Sad to say, I didn’t read anything about girls night out?  Not sure if you just forgot or it wasn’t exciting enough to be on your list.  But oh well.  The picnic was fun!  Glad to know you’re still alive and kicking after the spider bite.  LOVE the picture.  Mine are waiting to be picked up as we speak.  And if they’re any good…I may just post some for the world to see your expertise. =)  Have a lovely, rainy day.

  6. hello mary lou, this is clarita’s sister. :]
    you have some lovely photography on here! i was wondering if i could ask a favor of you? next time you see my beautiful sister and darling niece and have your camera handy, could you take some pictures and post them for their faraway family back in pennsylvania?
    we would all love you for it. :]

  7. First off…thank you for correcting me on my spelling.  I changed it just for you.  (and I couldn’t stop noticing it so it bugged me, so I changed it for me too=)  Second, what does RYC mean?  ‘Reply to Your Comment’ maybe?  I’m clueless.  And third, I was speaking of the Chili’s Girl’s Night.  And yes, we’ll definately have to do the whole china/crystal/cheesecake thing.  Sounds fabulous.

  8. Therrre you go getting that Chili’s night in there.  Good times.  Did you get my text earlier today?  Wasn’t sure if it went through or not.  But I’d love for ya’ll to come up and stay some other time!  Ya’ll are always welcome. =) 

  9. hey!!  hope your spider bite isn’t serious!  are you in your new house?  you need to come to SC to take my daughters pics!  you do such a good job!!!!  hope you had a lovely weekend.

  10. Oh my, simply divine little picture! Let me guess, Wynn and Slater??

    Seems like forever since I’ve seen you! Sad that a small thing like a spider bite has to put you under so badly. Sounds awful. Maybe we ladies can get together for lunch again sometime??

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