6 thoughts on “Seaside Winter – Monday January 24, 2011

  1. Nice thought, but just how do you do that in Wisconsin?!  We give up and just embrace wintertime (as in, I just got done taking a 55 minute, 3.5 mile walk with the windchill at 8 degrees…very refreshing!)!

  2. @Iamsaved4ever – You know, I had been wondering, too, how he made that work. He lived in Massachusetts so he was no stranger to cold. And had fewer resources than we would have now. 2011 have an indoor picnic, maybe. Splurge a little one evening and crank up the heat. Play a cd with ocean sounds. 🙂

  3. @erlinyoder – Thanks! It was lovely to be there again. First time in months, maybe a year, that I went just to relax. By the time the sun was going down it was getting pretty chilly, though. Anybody out walking/biking were pretty bundled up.

  4. Oh, that is so beautiful! Love the editing you did on it!

    And how fun to just go to the island… 🙂 I’ve been itching to do that, but think with the girls I’ll probably hold off a bit more, until it warms up enough to be comfortable.

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