Savannah Sights, Sounds & Scents

I’ve been wanting to spend a Saturday in Savannah shooting the beautiful old details in the historic district. Since most trips to Savannah mean mostly shopping, I decided to take the rainy Saturday God blessed us with and head up there.

I couldn’t have asked for better conditions, unless it would’ve been fewer weddings in Forsyth Park. There were several wedding parties having photos taken and I felt a little sorry for the photographers. Yes, there are many beautiful spots in the park but there are also always tourists wandering about, or people just out to enjoy the beauty.

Before I got to Savannah, I stopped at Bamboo Farms and Coastal Gardens, an cooperative extension of the University of Georgia. Here are a few shots I took there.

SAV 002 b


Can you figure out plant this is?

SAV 013 b

Any closer?

SAV 017b

It is the unfurling of a Sago Palm.

Next I went to Wormsloe Plantation, and was very happy to get some better shots than the other ones I have. There was such a light rain that it almost looks more like fog on the photos. It makes everything look nice and green and contrasty.

SAV 023 b

If you go to Savannah, this is worth the drive to see. It’s a little south of the city on Isle of Hope. Costs about $6/person to get in and there is a historic plantation site to visit as well if you like history.

SAV 046 b

After a cream-filled Krispy Kreme doughnut for fortification, I headed out to Tybee Island. I have been to Tybee a few times for a few minutes. I went to the lighthouse hoping to get some beach shots with the light in the background, but the lighthouse is surrounded by buildings and I couldn’t find a public beach access nearby. It’s probably good it is far enough from the water’s edge, because the first and second lighthouses that were built there were too close to the water, and the surf washed away the foundation.

SAV 058bb

Both of these were shot from the street, looking through someone’s yard. The flowers are oleanders.

SAV 074_2_3_tonemapped b

Back to Savannah and to the historic section of town. There is so much character in the buildings of historic Savannah. To say there is wrought iron in Savannah is like saying there are Amish in Lancaster County. 🙂

SAV 218 b


One of my favorite shots:

SAV 162 bb

SAV 134 b

SAV 151 bb

SAV 198 bb

The same could be said regarding ivy.

SAV 195 b

SAV 184 b

SAV 215 b


Another of my favorite shots, except that the angle is off:

SAV 174b

This house overlooks Forsyth Park. How cool is that?

SAV 081 bb

The fountain, which is a popular place for weddings.

SAV 118 b

A little memorial garden that has some flowers, and little fountain where a brown thrasher (?) was bathing, until I (accidentally) chased it off.

SAV 090 b

Some beautiful lilies blooming there.

SAV 084bb

Magnolia trees are in full bloom these days.

SAV 094 b

Another shot of the fountain area.

SAV 113 b

At one point I heard some happy chatter coming down the street. I’ve never seen these before but I can’t imagine they’re very popular in the 100 degree weather we’re having right now. Unless it’s one way to burn off some vacation calories.

SAV 167 b

Everyone has pedals like a bike and they slowly move down the street. Slow Ride is not a misnomer.

I very much enjoy slow paced photography excursions. Some day I want to go on a trip that is dedicated to photographing a particular area. Not sure at this point where my favorite place would be to go. Most things are more fun when experienced with others, but to have an experience exclusively for photography would be great!

Good night, people! It is high time for me to be in bed. The 2.5 hour nap I got after work gave me a boost but it is wearing off. 🙂

15 thoughts on “Savannah Sights, Sounds & Scents

  1. Oh, pretty. I love the shots of the palms with the curling fronds or whatever they are called.

    I vote for a photo venture to NYC. 😉

  2. Oh, how beautiful!! I love those sago palm fronds, just lovely! And all your Savannah pictures… I told Ben just on Saturday that I would love a day in Savannah again… I just don’t get tired of that place! Not so much the River Walk, which can get a little crazy and wierd down there, but the old buildings, the architecture… I’ve never been there in the spring though – you captured some beauties with all those lovely  blooming flowers!!

  3. oh I love it all…and I want to go there one day!! my housemate was just there and she said i would love it and we are going to go. I shall definitely go to the plantation. Great job on the pics


  4. pretty pretty! I’m going to refer one of my friends to this post, since they are wanting information on what to do in Savannah when they go in July. You captured lots of fun details! I thought about you a lot on Saturday when we were at Callaway Gardens…. i just know your camera would hardly be able to keep up with your demands.:)

  5. Enjoyed this photo tour. Our family is planning a vacation in this area in September. We will be staying on Tybee. So now you have “whetted” my appetite to see it for real!

  6. Ahh I am so going to Savannah some day!!! Altho taking Eric along may be shooting myself in the foot because he would be loosing his mind till I was done there. 😀 Lovely post!

  7. Ah, Savannah and Tybee Island…brings back wonderful memories for me! I got a photo of that house with the windows that have gold-colored-trim-that’s-dripping on my walking tour as well! Never saw that pedal-buggy…that’s funny!

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