13 thoughts on “Product Shoot Gone Bad

  1. @ColeenSr – Did drink the tea but the books and chair had to be put awayl

    @livingwater4me – Those are the First Violin. I started Mrs. Tim and like it but most confess Florence Barclay keeps reaching out and GRABBING me. 🙂 Do you know what print you want? 🙂

    @singingrachel – It is made for relaxing. 🙂

    @erlinyoder –  On the east side of town sits this fence place …. 🙂

  2. Wow, you’ve kidding me. You didn’t sit and enjoy it??! And man, you take quite the advertisement pictures. Everybody is going to make a mad dash to Troyers Fence so they can have a hiatus too. 😉

  3. @lifeisadance – I’ve had The Rosary for quite some time. Can’t remember where I found it. Got the last stash from Carolyn who was getting rid of them. I think I now have 6 of hers. Cannot put them down once I’ve started. 🙂 I’ll be glad to let you read them!

  4. That looks awesome, but right now I just want to see pictures of beds.  Big fluffy pillows with smooth white sheets and firm mattresses.  Somebody please just tuck me in and take care of the rest of my world for the next 2 weeks.  Thanks in advance.

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