Photo Challenge – Day 8 – Wednesday April 22, 2009

This one is for the birds. Since you were so emotionally scarred by the frogs I’ll even post 3 pictures this time.

day 8

day 8 b

There is one spot by the lake that has many blackbirds, including red-wing blackbirds. It is one of the only places that I see the red-wings anywhere in the area. There were several dozen birds there last evening and it was therapeutic to hear them calling “Barbara WEAver” to each other. At least that what we always thought they were saying. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me get close enough to get a decent shot.

A nice spot near a picnic area of the lake:

day 8 c


8 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 8 – Wednesday April 22, 2009

  1. What kind of bird is in the first picture?  I saw one just like it this morning on our wash line.  It not a typical bird for eastern PA.  I think it was just passing through.  It seems springtime is a time to see different birds.  Keep the photos coming–the jokes too

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