Photo Challenge – Day 25 – Thursday May 21, 2009

I helped my sister pick some wild blackberries last night. I say “helped her” because even though they’re in my fridge too, I don’t really care for them. It’s the seeds that get me. Give me seedless jam and I’m fine. Sure wish they were red raspberries. I love raspberry anything. Except the seeds.

day 25a

They low to the ground, a lot like wild blueberries in Canada. With all the rain we’ve ben getting, many berries were soft even if they weren’t quite ripe.

day 25d

Then while we were picking the wind really picked up and it felt even more hurricanish than it had earlier in the day. I heard a crack and a thump and say a hugh pine tree had fallen to the ground mere feet from me. See here’s the proof:

day 25c

Okay, so it wasn’t a hugh pine tree and it didn’t thump, but it would’ve scratched me if it would’ve hit me.


Take time to find the little details around you.

day 25b

Then we worked outside, Lois weedeating and me mowing the grass. It was a lovely evening to be out. The clouds were quickly blowing past and we were getting a good glimpse of sunlight for the first time in days. Marcus and Sonya drove past on their way home from BK supper and they offered to bring over ice cream.

So we sat outside in the cool evening air, eating ice cream with fresh peaches and blackberries on top. The children then went off to play cops and robbers, and the adults talked of the cancelled ordination and of what the purpose of the church is.

It was such a fun, relaxed evening. I could handle more of those. Stop in for ice cream and blackberries. I’ll be glad to share the blackberries with you.  


5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 25 – Thursday May 21, 2009

  1. That dandelion picture is amazing!  I love the pine tree drama.   Blackberries and peaches on ice cream?  Oh, if only I were closer.  I’d drive an hour for that.

  2. John is like you; those raspberry/blackberry seeds get stuck in his molars and drive him nuts.  Me, I have crowns on all of mine so I can eat blackberries all day!   

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