Photo Challenge – Day 13 – Monday April 27, 2009

day 13b

day 13

Did you know that when tech stocks were rising faster than yeast bread and they were inventing anything electronic possible about 8-10 years ago that someone was trying to invent a way to transmit smells electronically.  No kidding. I wish it would work right now so you could smell these honeysuckles. Love the smell of those things but they make an awful mess of the areas where they grow.


I’m going to make a disclaimer here. I probably will be skipping some days posting the Daily Challenge here this week. Got family coming in for my mom’s birthday tomorrow, then my sister and I have a houseful of single lady friends here for the weekend so good, but busy times ahead for the next week or so.


5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge – Day 13 – Monday April 27, 2009

  1. Oh, I love the first picture and I do wish I could smell them. I think the background is almost as thrilling. 🙂

    We used to always go pick honeysuckle at home and put them on the table!

  2. funny you say that about them inventing  a way to transmit smells. We were at longwood gardens the other day and my children were wishing they could txt me the smell of lilacs that i love so much. LOL!!!! They thought they should invent it and make there million. how funny

  3. I always thought scratch and sniff stickers were pretty neat. My SIL just told me that when she goes outside the air is perfumed with honeysuckle. We don’t have any where we live – too bad.

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