Of Sand and Salt Water – Saturday August 16, 2008

Thank you so much for your response! So glad that you are seeing the lake site. The other one doesn’t really work. I also figured out the only time that I access that layout is when I follow the link to my site from my subscription emails. Any other time I get the new layout.

Last night Lois, Wendy (our new school teacher) and I went down to Jekyll Island for the express purpose of getting some full moon pictures. Unfortunately it was too cloudy on the horizon and we didn’t see the moon until it was well up into the sky.

We enjoyed a delicious BBQ supper from Sonnys, eating at a pavilion looking over the dunes toward the water. It was quite humid but breezy. Of course the breeze stayed until we started playing putt-putt and then it was just humid. Real humid. So when you see these pictures, try to think of them in that light.  Not all is paradise here.

jekyll 7

The sea oats are in their prime. The are beautiful as well as functional. The plants help keep the dunes from blowing away. It is illegal to pick them as well as walk on the dunes.

jekyll 6


Here is a place on the island that is not protected by rocks or dunes. The oak trees at the northern end of the island are dead, their root systems washed out by the water. This area is called Driftwood Beach.

jekyll 5


The lighthouse from St. Simons is in the center O of the picture below.

jekyll 4


There was a beautiful red sun but by the time we got to the other end of the island the sun was behind the clouds.

jekyll 3


jekyll 2


Except for when it became vaguely visible before it dropped over the horizon.

jekyll 1




9 thoughts on “Of Sand and Salt Water – Saturday August 16, 2008

  1. So, so beautiful!! I would so love to be sitting on that park bench, looking out over the ocean….so what if it is humid! Your photography never ceases to amaze me. Thanks for sharing them!

  2. You really have a gift and especially an eye for this type of shooting.  That first shot is especially beautiful.

    I like the font in your header.  What’s it called?

  3. May I purchase that last photo and verse? You had another one with an old live oak, bare?? Remember that one, I keep forgetting to ask you about it. Do you ever sell these?
    And yes, I could just feel the humid as you described it. That’s one thing (one small thing) I do not miss about the south.

  4. Even tho’ I’m not keeping up with my xanga….I want to keep it.. just to see your pics of ‘home’ ! Yes, i do remember the humid part…but, you can hardly ever get enough of the ocean views. I love everyone of them!Keep it up! Some of your pics are on our screensaver!! Thanks!

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