Of Men and Of Women – Wednesday October 22, 2008

Last week was a busy, busy week. It was not only a busy week but a full week. Sounds redundant, I know.  There were good-byes we didn’t want to say and they didn’t want to hear. Supper with old friends, wherein their was much female laughter and chatter, and chatter and laughter, to the puzzlement of some and the amusement of others (men, that is).

In honor of Pastors Appreciation, the youth group worked on one yard and started on another before the sun disappeared. It’s amazing how much work can get done when many hands are busy. I told them our yard isn’t landscaped yet but I didn’t hear any takers.

Heard a very good sermon on Sunday by Jason on Men and Women and being “created in God’s image”, all tied in with the glory of God and headship.

This week has been a little quieter, with two evenings at home already, the better to get rid of my cold. Tonight we are going out to eat for my dad’s 72nd birthday, and tomorrow evening supper out for a friends birthday.

I feel much better and even got creative last night. Tried something completely new for me. I decided to try something for an assignement and here’s what I got. I want to find some old crockery or old dishes and try some more later. Got Fruit?

fruit color



Canvas #1 – this layout is for a canvas. The white line shows approximately where the front of the picture will be. The outside part will be wrapped around the frame.

fruit canvas 2 to1  


Canvas #2

fruit canvas 2 to1 b


Tell me which you prefer of the color on the canvases. The first one had more of a tan background, the second a green. I can’t decide which one I like best.


 = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

And this is for Ginny: If I drive past your house and honk my horn, and no one is there to hear it, did I really honk? Miss y’all bunches!!!

14 thoughts on “Of Men and Of Women – Wednesday October 22, 2008

  1. I sure do “Got Fruit”…all over my kitchen and on my china and my Corelle.  Canvas 2 wins hands down for me…I love it!  So did you take that picture to start with?  Creative people make me jealous.  You go, girl!

  2. I like #2 the best, too.  I think because it’s not such a stark contrast to the fruit colors in the picture.  #1 looks a little more “washed out.”  Beautiful picture!

  3. I say # 2 as well! That is so pretty!  I can’t wait to see the ones with the old dishes etc. 

    Your comment to Ginny made me laugh! (:

    Tonight was fun….cousins are the best!(:

  4. Good memories of chattering, laughing, chattering, puzzled faces, amused faces. =) Love you guys! Love the canvas. I like them both, my only input would be to let more of the empty space show…can’t wait to get my black and white bench. I think that one will make you famous yet. 

  5. Can’t decide about the color, but I’d agree w/ Carolyn tht it would be nice to see a little more empty space.  Also, in #1 it looks as though you dodged the main background area a good bit more than in #2–I prefer #1 in that respect.

  6. I like #1 – somehow I like the color contrast as opposed to the washed-out look, and I prefer the tan color as well. Lovely, lovely work. Does this quality for my free picture?? 🙂

    Your comment for Ginny made me laugh too! WHY does that sound soooo familiar???!! 🙂

  7. I think I like canvas #1 better, but it seems whiter in the center than #2. If the white was tanner, I think I’d prefer that one. But really they’re both beautiful!

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