Monday November 17, 2008

It was quite warm and humid last weekend, a flashback from summer. We played softball Friday evening and my muscles are still protesting. It seemed odd to be playing in November at about 75* plus humidity. Forecasts were for a cool front to push the system out and for cooler weather to hit us.

Saturday my mom, sister and I left at 6:30 to go yard saling at a 50-family yard sale in Brunswick. When we got there it was still misting and people were still setting up. Well, there weren’t 50 families there and of those that were there, we didn’t find anything we wanted. Kind of a waste of time. So, we decided to try out St. Simons Island and did well there. I bought a pair of Bose speakers that plug into a DVD player for $1. Found some really cool glass bottles for $1 each. Not necessarily stuff that we had to have but for the price we will find a use for them.

By the time we got back home that evening, nearly dropping from shopping, it was getting quite cool. Since I saw a pretty sunset, I couldn’t resist chasing it down. For your viewing pleasure:

sunset 16

sunset 15

sunset 17  


Oh, yeah. And had a photo shoot at this gorgeous southern “mansion”. I forgot to get any of the back of the house.

southern house2 southern house1

Yes, those plants below are ferns. I forget what they’re called. Something with giant in it? They are massive!!! 

southern house3


Looking out the one side of the house. The porches run completely around the house on both levels. The little house you see out the back in this shot is a playhouse built like the house.

southern house4


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  1. Wow!  What a house!  I love the photo w/ the tire swing.  And could you share the warmth?  I won’t even complain about the humidity.  I’m off to turn the thermostat up again.

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