January via Instagram

This year I started a 365 project that’s really more of a 321 or 297 or something other than one-a-day. I make up for it by posting more than some on other days. Well, actually, there are some times that it’s just too hard to narrow it down to one. Like when I’m on vacation! It is a struggle to find a picture when a days is very run-of-the-mill work, eat, sleep. That’s partly why I’m doing this too, to find the unusual in a “normal” day.

I started out in true form by missing Jan. 1. Then again, it might be because I decided on to start this project on Day 2.

 Day 2 – Jan. 2


Day 3 – Jan. 3

I found this title interesting. I thought the general idea was that women are good communicators. Not?


Day 4 – Jan. 4

Went shopping in Brunswick with a friend. She treated me to Bonefish Grill. I find it impossible to eat there without some Bang Bang Shrimp.


Day 5 – Jan. 5

A quiet Sunday evening … perfect for burning candles and enjoying hot chocolate.


Day 6 – Jan. 6

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you can’t have grilled hamburgers. Baby George Foreman grill to the rescue. Served on lettuce in lieu of a bun, with purple onion, tomato, cheese & chipotle sauce. With a side of potato wedges.


Day 7 – Jan. 7

Pretty winter sunset.


Day 8 – Jan. 8 

One of the finer things in life. Anne’s Italian Cheese Bread toasted with butter. Ooh la la!


Day 9 – Jan. 9

Came across this in Job. I totally agree! (Job 6:6)


Day 10 – Jan. 10

Another Friday at work … getting bills paid and checks in the mail.


Day 11 – Jan. 11

We had taken all the pictures off the fridge before Christmas when we were doing heavy duty cleaning. We thought it might be a nice break to not have pictures up. Poor fridge looked forsaken. Today I put up the pictures from Christmas mail 2013.


Day 13 – Jan. 13

Even though our office is along a fairly busy 4-lane highway inside the city limits, the empty lot beside us is a place where wild turkeys come to feed occasionally.


Day 14 – Jan. 14

These Valentine gifts just crack me up. Why do people spend $ on something this big? I’ll be nice and not call them tacky. 🙂


Day 15 – Jan. 15

The sunset was beautiful but my phone camera can’t capture it. Bummer I didn’t have my real camera with me.


Day 16 – Jan. 16

Had the young married ladies over for the evening. My sister made some beautiful and delicious crepes! The rest of the menu was Brazilian Shrimp Stew, Tiropitas & a house salad.


Day 17 – Jan. 17

One of my S.S. students gave me a mug for Christmas. I’m enjoying it on these cold days! (I need to figure out how to keep it spot-free)


Day 18 – Jan. 18

College hockey tournament in Savannah. A favorite January event.


Day 21 – Jan. 21

Finally getting New Year’s Letters out!


Day 22 – Jan. 22

My sister-in-law, JoAnn had posted White Chocolate Snickerdoodle Cookies on FB so I had a craving for them. Made them at work and my co-workers could enjoy them as well.

Recipe is HERE.


Day 23 – Jan. 23

Instead of it being dark when I leave work, there’s still light in the sky. Yay for days getting longer!


Day 24 – Jan. 24

It may be sunny on St. Simons Island today but it’s windy & in the 30s. Not a good day for tourists. I was there to take pictures of several jobsites.


Day 26 – Jan. 26

Another Saturday in Savannah. This time to see the Les Miserables play that they brought back for 2 weeks.


And to eat at Lady & Sons

(goofy me!)


Day 27 – Jan. 27

Took my friend Carmel out for her birthday.


Day 29 – Jan. 29

The day that we held our breath and hoped and prayed it would snow here. Drinking a caramel machiatto in anticipation. (It didn’t snow. 🙁 )


Day 30 – Jan. 30

Sewing is therapeutic for me, assuming I’m not trying to do something on a hard deadline.


Day 31 – Jan 31

Annual Spelling Bee at church. The winners of the youngest category. They’re both in my SS class.