It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Thursday December 10, 2009

Do you mind if I rant? I haven’t had a good rant post in a long time. And looking at that title I bet you think you know where I’m going with my rant.

You’re way wrong.

I have a serious pet peeve right now. Actually I probably have more than that but I try not to think about it. First is that the road construction on the 2-lane road going into town is really, really going on too long. Coming home in the evening is the worst for me. At the last light in town proper the road goes from 4 lane down to 2 lane right after the light. Most people get in the right lane before they get to the light to avoid merging problems since the left lane only goes about 50 feet after the light. That’s mostly a good thing. But you will have the occasional person (read: jerk) who will fly up the left lane, quickly merge into the right and in another 50 feet will hit the brakes to make a turn and there is no turning lane there. At all. So this whole line of traffic slams on the brakes while this person waits for a break in the oncoming traffic. If he/she would’ve waited in line like most people, they would’ve only forced several cars to stop, not 10+. You gotta keep your eyes open through there. Accidents will occur. One already has happened to a friend but I’ll spare you the details. My own personal witness protection program.

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. In fact, I laugh at conspiracy theories but this is just something I can’t ignore. It looks to suspicious. Today I went to the fridge to find the 2 boxes of butter that I purchased yesterday (the second time that day I had been to Wally World). Nowhere to be found. Gone. Actually probably never there. This is the third time in the last month or two that I bought something there and later couldn’t find it here at home. Last month it was a package of Rhodes frozen dinner rolls.

It is nowhere to be found either. I wondered if I had remembered to actually purchase it but I found the receipt in my car during it’s bi-monthly cleaning and sure enough, I had paid for a bag. So with that in mind yesterday I remember asking the cashier, “is this all my bags.” And she said “Yes, that’s everything.”


I really think it’s those evil plastic bags. There is just nothing good about them. They are bad for the environment, and they conceal your purchases so that you think you’re bringing home the bacon but you may have actually left it there. And then the next person will get it. Someone probably has my butter and they got home and said, “I Can’t Believe That’s My Butter®” but spread it on their biscuits instead of that other artificial stuff. Suddenly they realized how good butter really is. Now they are hooked on the stuff and are at the mercy of the diary farmers who slave away day-after-day wondering where the cream of their crop is.

And I’m stuck here at home, looking at the other 4 boxes of butter that I had gotten earlier yesterday, and wondering, “Will 8 cups of melted butter for Low Country Boil for 100 people be enough?” Oh the things I’m forced to ponder.

And lastly a note to myself: Next year the church calendars must, and I repeat MUST be completed by the end of October. November and December are too busy to try to fit that in as well. For once I’d like to decorate for Christmas before the week of Christmas. And I’d like to get Christmas cards out in a timely manner. I’m afraid mine may get bumped into January this year. Right now I don’t much like December.  I really want it to be the most wonderful time of the year. Even if we don’t get snow.

And with that rant over, my supper is over as well and I need to finish getting my stuff together for the company appreciation meal tomorrow. LCB plus desserts for 100 people. I’m only making the Banana Pudding. The other desserts I subbed out to other baking contractors, namely Anne B & Andrea Y. The men are taking care of all the LCB.

I’m making 2 large (as in steam table large) pans of banana pudding. These people around here are banana pudding freaks. I kinda like it myself.


10 thoughts on “It’s the most wonderful time of the year – Thursday December 10, 2009

  1. Where on the recieving end of that when on Black Friday, a friend and I were shopping, got home and had another xtra sweater in our bags along with what we’d purchased! it felt like finding the silver cup in our bag – we didn’t do it …  cute sweater though.

  2. I completely understand your peeve! Once when I was catering I went in the fridge about 30 – 40 min before it was time to serve to get out my cabbage from Sam’s Club……but it wasn’t there. I could have told you exactly where in the fridge it was, (or so I thought!) I figured out that I had looked at it, then looked at something else and never actually put it in my cart! I made a mad dash to the grocery store and bought out all they had,and we got it on the table in time. I think all caterers have to be somewhat crazy….these kind of experiences will do it to ya! BTW, I’m kinda partial to that banana puddin’ myself…and the LCB! Yum! Ya’ll have fun!

  3. I wonder who invented orange barrels anyways!!? There are too  many of them around here at the most inconvenient time too! I think it was stimulus money. I believe in some conspiracies. Lol! Have a great week-end.

  4. Here’s something to look forward to… I read in the paper a couple of months ago that the construction on 84 is supposed to be finished by April.  Think they’ll make it??

  5. Oh my goodness, you are too funny! Staying home from caroling because it’s too cold for my little baby isn’t all bad – not when I get to read my funnies for the day. 🙂

  6. @scuppernog – Wow! And someone’s wondering what in the world happened to their sweater! 🙂

    @ksmiller – Actually, I like the banana pudding too. We had red velvet cake, Italian creme cake, lemon & chocolate delights and still there quite a few who chose the pudding. The funniest thing about it is everytime we do this one of our subs tells me (he does catering as well) that this is the best he’s had. Later we were talking about instant vs. cooked pudding and he said cooked is the best. I think he had forgotten that the first time I had told him I only use instant. 🙂 So I’m not sure if his compliment was genuine or if he really doesn’t know the difference!! 🙂

    @Yoderfamilyof5 – Oh that would be wonderful!!! I somehow missed seeing that in the paper.

    @jolenedawn – Welcome aboard! 🙂

  7. i’ve left bags at walmart and target (where someone followed me to my car with it!) and once went back to have greeting cards replaced only to have to return them because i later found the originals at home!!!   i try to pay better attention now!!  (you should write a book!!  like erma bombeck or someone like that!!  )

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