It’s a Secret Recipe, Never to be Duplicated – Monday January 29, 2007


So I thought I would do a poll for something new.

You go to someone’s house and they serve a delicious meal. You ask about something they served and if you could have the recipe. They say, “Well, I don’t really have one. I just kinda mixed it together as I went.”

You feel

a. like you can identify since you do the same.

b. like slapping them.

c. admiration for their abilities.

d. frustrated that you won’t be able to get the recipe.

e. Burger King has good hamburgers.


You may choose more than one letter.

For those who simply read my xanga and move on, I rarely make an appeal to those who do this but this is a gracious invitation to have YOU share your opinion, too!! I won’t even ask where you’re from!!!!

18 thoughts on “It’s a Secret Recipe, Never to be Duplicated – Monday January 29, 2007

  1. i’ll stick my neck out and say “c”. but than ….what’s even more weird is that i’ve found myself saying that a time or two. so i’m assuming ppl have wished to slap me.

    really i would never slap anyone and would hope they wouldn’t me either, but i thought since c wasn’t being used yet i’d give it a shot. although it is frustrating to me when ppl say that cause i feel like they could at least give some idea as to what all was put into that delicious dish they just got done making.

    ur an interesting writer. don’t know you from adam but loved reading your post. twofus is my neice in case you wondered who i am.

  2. Mine would be like.. Aww.. wish I’d have enough courage to try that. I’m always scared it won’t taste right, and the more stuff I add, the worse it gets. I have tried it already, but have never been real successful, so I guess C is a good choice, too. Slapping is not an option here, cause often those kinds of people are the best cooks, like my mom! And by the way- I am from Ohio! πŸ™‚  

  3. Good question! I’d have to pick b & d! Ha!
    BTW – thanx for the letter! You have a good memory! I can’t even remember what I did last week! Joking! I’ll be sending a email your way with my new address, too.

  4. I would say C.  My Mom asked for a recipe once and was told they don’t give there recipes out.  That did not feel good to her and I wanted to do a little slapping then,  but thats OK, we have plenty of yummy recepes. 

  5. I’ll have to go with b and c.  Cooking is not my favorite pastime… I need all the instructions I can get.  My sis in law, Carolyn,  blows me away at times with her love of cooking.  Couldn’t God somehow have blessed me with a teeney bit of that???  Enjoy your posts.

  6. I’d probably go with A and C, but I’d ask a bit more about ingredients and assembly, unless I sensed that they really didn’t want to share.  And then I’d try to figure out what I could do to change it and make it even better.

  7. A,C,D. When I was about to get married I would ask my mom for the recipes of certain things that she always made *out of her head* and I was a bit frustrated about the lack of exactness because I was trying to write these important things down! (I still have those recipes too! I did cook and bake a lot from little up but I was more of a go-by-the-book person then…and still am until I’ve made the recipe once, then I sometimes improve on it, and I do make things up sometimes…or if I don’t have a certain ingredient I will substitute. So I’m more like my mom now. πŸ™‚ I could cook and bake all the time if someone would clean my house for me!

  8. A,C, and D.  Sometimes you comment on food just to be nice, but other times you really want the recipe because you have a good idea of when you’d serve it too, and it’s maddening not to be able to get it! Sometimes that’s when I resort to πŸ™‚ very interesting poll, though, I like your creativity. you definitely need to give us your opinion too, though!! πŸ™‚

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