Inhabitations – Tuesday February 5, 2008

 I heard that Darlene and Mrs. Sandra were checking my site for pictures of the house and no new ones were to be found so I took some last night. Lois thinks the pictures look cozier than the house actually does. We still are sparcely furnished in most rooms but the uncluttered look is great in a different way. I shall think of it as uncluttered instead of unfurnished.

And then I had the nerve to edit them yet to, to make them appear even more cozy that what they should. One of the ironies of photography is that when you see a grand scene you can’t really capture it’s full beauty, but then you can take an ordinary or even semi-ugly scene and make it nicer by the same restrictiveness that cameras offer.

Picture 2841b
This one begs for a good book and a cup of hot tea.

Picture 2867b  
The Painting, which was purchased by Lois at a below-bargain price, and around which our
colors in the L/R and Kitchen were selected.

Picture 2870b
 The infamous orange dining room. The color still isn’t exactly accurate. Guess you’ll have to come
see  it for yourself. The table and chairs are being lent to us by Eric and Linda ’til they need it.
Jeff and Andrea lent us 2 recliner/rockers for the living room as well.

Picture 2905b
The kitchen which we also love. There isn’t much space above the cabinets to display things.
We have 10 ft. ceilings and the cabinet makers made these extra tall. Now we have lots of storage space
but not much space for displaying things on the top. Any suggestions for what to do with that space?

Picture 2890b
 Lois’ bedroom

Picture 2900b
Her bathroom (for which she wants b&w prints)

Picture 2896b
My bedroom (a little wide-angle distortion going on there)

Picture 2918b 
My bathroom (note the tile from the shower reflected in the right mirror
and my nifty shoe shelves in the closet.

Picture 2909
The living room in all its uncozy, uncluttered (except for the VCR unceremoniously
dumped in the center), unedited glory. Oh, and Lois reading a book. Can’t forget the accessories.


Darlene and Mrs. Sandra, you don’t have to have a xanga account to leave a comment!!


EDIT:  Ewwww! I’m looking at this on another computer and the colors look terrible!!! One of my monitors is way off. Wonder which one it is??

20 thoughts on “Inhabitations – Tuesday February 5, 2008

  1. Oh, beautiful for spacious rooms, for …  it really is so pretty!  And I love, love, LOVE that painting.  Oh, and the chair in your room.  I’m looking for one of those.  Above the cabinets?  hmmm, bead garlands maybe?  …I’d have to think a little.

  2. So pretty and warm looking! Makes me just itch to start again or if nothing else start repainting!  Please help Lois get those b&w prints quickly so she can at last have a dream fulfilled! 🙂 I have my one bathroom with yellow and b&w prints!

  3. Thanks for letting us see your place–finally!! 😉  Oh, just one request, if you’d hold your camera straight to take pictures next time, I wouldn’t hurt my neck trying to look at them. 😉  P.S.  Is that an “H” on the shelf in the first picture?  I’d love to find one of those!

  4. Thanks for your prompt update. If I would have known that’s all it takes I would have asked for it before!!! Wish I could stop in for a chat and enjoy your cozy (uncluttered!) house!

  5. I LOVE it!!!!  I’m so excited for you, and can’t wait to come see it sometime.  The colors look okay on my monitor, but a little dark.  However, I think my monitor shows everything a little dark.  I really need to get it calibrated.

    I laughed and laughed at your comment.  It would have been the prefect last line to the post. 

  6. Very, very elegant.  Just lovely.  And yes, I’d really like to see the orange in person!   I noticed you have room for 14 pairs of shoes.  So when the shelves are full, must you stop shoe shopping?  My favorite color is the green in your bedroom.  Great choices! 

  7. Please email Phil some pics of your house. He was plum disgruntled yesterday when I said I had seen pics. His reply..”I haven’t even seen any!” 🙂

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