If Winter Is Snow, We’ve Finally Had It

[I’m not sure what’s considered appropriate number of photos for any one blog post but I’m sure this one is breaking all the rules. 🙂 ]

Last week my family was home over New Year and as we looked at the weather forecast, there appeared to be a “chance” of snow for Wednesday. Of course, in southeast Georgia, a chance of snow usually means a few flurries in the middle of the night. 

As we got closer to Wednesday, and realized the storm that was developing was a Big Deal, the hope rose slightly, ever so slightly. See, it’s been 28+ years since we’ve had a decent snow, “decent” meaning the ground was white, or even mostly white.

This year schools had not started back up from the holiday so that was one less decision for the emergency management agency to make. A few years ago when Atlanta was shut down because of ice, snow and unpreparedness, we had flurries and ice predicted here and got basically nothing.

This time it was different. I’ll admit I got a bit worried that we wouldn’t have anything even though they were predicting 5″-8″ accumulation here. Radar maps were showing we were in the snow area at 9:00 AM but we just icy rain pinging against the windows. It had been COLD (for here) for a few nights with lows in the 20s. We usually get only a few nights every winter where it drops that low.

We were at nearly freezing and the ice was starting to build up.

Camelia bud encased in ice:

My sister thought she should pick some kumquats and they were already frozen. There were fine when they thawed out.

Eventually, a WHOLE hour after they predicted, the pinging on the windows stopped and the flakes started.  Big, fluffy flakes!

It started accumulating quickly and we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. My sister and I have both lived for a few years in areas where there was lots of snow. She in northwestern PA where they had “lake effect” snow and me in NW Ontario where I experienced approx 15 months of snow on the ground in 36 months time.

The first year I was in Ontario, I was so disappointed to experience a snowstorm on April 24, one that pushed winter well into May. That year, the ice on the lake didn’t melt until May 19.

Mama even took a short little spin around in her bike. 🙂 Long enough for me to snap a few pictures.

Eucalyptus in my neighbor’s yard.

We didn’t measure what we got total but I’m guessing 3-4 inches at our house.

We went for a drive a little further west of here, thinking that they maybe had more snow than us, since they had snow before we did. I think they actually had less.

Someone didn’t pick their citrus either.

Can you find the cat in the photo below:

He actually looked kinda scary.

Many of the places we passed had people out having snowball fights or creative ways of sledding. We are flat as a pancake here so no hills to sled down.

Oh, yeah, the dirt/clay roads were really pretty too! 🙂

The snow finished up around 1:30 and the sun came out.

My ranunculus is under that white sheet in the foreground. I really hope it survives! It was looking good yesterday.

I really figured it would melt as soon as the sun came out but it stayed below freezing all day and the snow stayed!

My mom planted wheat as a cover crop in her raised bed garden:

The next morning I shot a few more pictures before work because I knew it would pretty much be gone by evening when I came home. It was crystal clear and sunny.

For those of you who live in snow areas and think we have lost our marbles to enjoy the snow like this, thank you for bearing with us in our excitement. I felt like a kid with a new toy!

From the looks of the weather further north, we got the best end of the deal… 1 day of beautiful snow and no other treacherous weather. We did still have ice to contend with today at work, in the areas where the sun doesn’t reach it. There was still a decent amount of snow in the shaded areas on peoples roofs and in the shade areas.

This was a special day and one that will not be forgotten in this county I call home. I’m hoping it won’t be another 28 years before we experience this here again. Such a GIFT!


17 thoughts on “If Winter Is Snow, We’ve Finally Had It

    1. Marylou Hershberger

      Thanks! I’m going to print a few 8x10s just for the fun of it. I’ll print bigger if someone wants one.

  1. lena

    Such beautiful pictures! And I can totally appreciate the excitement! After living in Georgia & Florida for 10 years, then moving to Arkansas & getting a snow storm the last 2 winters, we were so excited! It was our children ‘s first experience with snow. So happy for you all! 🙂

    1. Marylou Hershberger

      In Ontario I enjoyed getting out with the kids and having fun with it. There we had nice areas we could slide down.

  2. Darla

    Love love love these pics and your words. I think God beams when you delught so much in the simple beauty! Be a kid, because Jesus thinks that’s pretty awesome too! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Marylou Hershberger

      Thanks for that! I agree, and not just about snow. There are a lot of “little” things that we can enjoy and I think God loves when we do.

  3. Carmen

    These pictures are stunning!! Seriously amazing
    I found your words so interesting and felt the excitement myself as I read. Because this sounds so much like what grew up with!! When it snowed a decent amount everyone stopped what they were doing and played like kids!! ?❄️❄️ And I’ll never forget the first winter in Ohio when it snowed … I was all excited and invited the in-laws over for a sledding and hot chocolate party!! I remember feeling let down because not many showed up, and the ones that did weren’t very excited.?
    I’m so happy for your fun in the snow!! Your pictures should be published and sold!! They are very amazing!!!! Love the one of your mom!!??

    1. Marylou Hershberger

      Oh! That would be disappointing. It’s such a treat for us. My philosophy in Ontario was that if you get out and enjoy it once and a while, you don’t dislike winter as much. However, I didn’t have kids to deal with as far as boots and coats and such every time we go outside.

  4. Sadie Wagler

    Great pics like always. We had at least 3 feet of snow and yes I love it when I am at home and don’t have to go out in it. Tom and I really enjoy your pictures so keep up the good work. Sadie Wagler

  5. Beautiful Pictures! Even though I have lived in “snowland” for many years, there is always a thrill with the first nice snowfall. Glad you got to enjoy some!

  6. Ruth Hochstetler

    Your pictures are outstanding! I especially love the bird pictures. You have a good eye for the beauty around you. I think the Lord is blessed when we see and appreciate the beauty of his creation.

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